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The cluster of 27 stars could be divided into three groups of nine each. The first group starts from Ashwini and ends with Ashlesha. In this article we take up for discussion, Ashlesha which is the last star in the first group and its significations. The star occupies the fag

Future of India and Nations

The forthcoming year, Durmukhi throws up lots of interesting possibilities with the thoughts of a sinister Mars-Saturn conjunction looming large over the world. Two sinister conjunctions viz., Mars-Saturn and Jupiter-rahu vitiate the cosmic landscape adding to the woes of a troubled world which is looking for succor, economically, socially and

Aviation Disaster

Though air travel is considered the safest mode of travel, the spate of accidents in the Far East has revived the age-old fear of flying, which some consider risky as it involves defying the law of gravity. It also gives the student of astrology, the need to assess the astrological


In this article, we will discuss the qualities of Anuradha. In Tamilnadu, this star is held in high reverence in the houses of the spirituality minded as Shri. Chandrasekharendra Saraswati, Former Pontiff of Kanchipuram Mutt was born in this star. Anuradha belongs to the Deva gana group of stars meaning


Traditionally, those occupations recognized as “true professions” have been medicine, law, and the clergy. Over a period of time a number of professions and career paths have evolved making career interpretation a difficult task for an Astrologer. Take the case of a web designer. The internet is a concept which


Since time immemorial comets have fascinated humans. In a common person’s terms, a Comet is a star with a ‘tail’. For a long time people thought that Comets were sporadic occurrences and were associated with evil events; at least they thought that the Comets forecasted unpleasant events. Comets were considered