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Since time immemorial comets have fascinated humans. In a common person’s terms, a Comet is a star with a ‘tail’. For a long time people thought that Comets were sporadic occurrences and were associated with evil events; at least they thought that the Comets forecasted unpleasant events. Comets were considered

A Remedy for all Ills

NAGASUBRAHMANYA KSHETRAM Palakkad is a place in East Kerala, which receives copious rains because of its occurrence on the windward side of the Western Ghats. Nemmara is a taluk of Palakkad District and is at about 30 km south of the Palakkad railway station. Nemmara includes a few villages. One

Kalki Avatar

In the Hindu tradition, Kalki is the name of the Tenth and the final Avatar of Vishnu, the sustainer in the Holy Trinity. As Kalki, Vishnu is expected to annihilate Adharma and restore the golden age of virtue, Satya yuga. The Source for this prophecy is Srimad Bhagavatham, written by

Guide to Horoscope Matching

From time immemorial, marriage in India has been accorded sanctity and importance. In Scriptures, we had couples, such as Vasista — Arundhati, Agastya — Lopamudra, and Nala — Damayanti, who led their married lives ideally. Vishnu in his incarnation as Rama set an example for human race through his marriage

Story of Harischandra

The story of Harischandra emphasizes the value of truth and denounces the degrading influence of falsehood. Jupiter represents truth; Saturn when afflicted represents falsehood. The Harischandra story enables Yudishtira to tide over his adversities. This story exists in the Veda-s and is repeated in the Purana-s, as poetry and drama.


PREDICTION OF AFFLUENCE FROM BIRTH CHART The Biblical dictum is “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to attain the Kingdom Of God”. (Mathew : 19:23-24) So do scriptures prohibit accumulation of wealth? WHAT DO THE Vedas and


Birth of children is essential part of a vedic life. While other traditions view childbirth merely as an offshoot of marriage, Vedic traditions advocate continuation of lineage as a sacred duty of every human being. During the gestation period of an expectant mother, “Sundara Khandam” of Ramayana is still recited