The cluster of 27 stars could be divided into three groups of nine each. The first group starts from

Ashwini and ends with Ashlesha. In this article we take up for discussion, Ashlesha which is the last star in the first group and its significations.… Click to read the rest


In this article, we will discuss the qualities of Anuradha. In Tamilnadu, this star is held in high reverence in the houses of the spirituality minded as Shri. Chandrasekharendra Saraswati, Former Pontiff of Kanchipuram Mutt was born in this star. Anuradha belongs to the Deva gana group of stars meaning that a person born in Anuradha star would have Sattwic qualities.… Click to read the rest


The first cycle of nine stars commences from Ashwini and ends with Ashlesha. The second cycle commences from Makha and ends with Jyeshta. In this article we will dwell on the intricacies of Makha Star.

According to Kala Vidhana, “Should the birth star of either the bride or the groom happen to be Swathi, Mrgashira, Makha or Anuradha, they will match very well even if all the ten Kutas do not agree.… Click to read the rest