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In our earlier we discussed in detail, the logical approach towards planetary combinations. In this dissertation we will try to understand the inner significance of certain planetary combinations. Combinations come under special rules of Astrology and as such can run counter to general rules. For instance Hydrogen is inflammable; so is Oxygen: but combination of Hydrogen and oxygen gives rise to Water which puts out fire. So we cannot conclude merely on properties of Hydrogen and Oxygen, that the resultant compound which is obtained by their fusion will be similar in nature to their individual properties.

Yogas are not just combinations of planets. Their classification is not merely restricted to planetary inter relationship – it can also involve houses. For instance, Ruchaka yoga stipulates the condition of Mars being in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn.

Yogas fall under several categories; some of them are:
1) Yogas for education or intelligence.
2) Yogas for wealth.
3) Yogas for comforts in life.
4) Yogas which elevate people to the status of king.
5) Yogas resulting in Misfortune.

There are more than four hundred yogas discussed in textbooks on Astrology.

In this article we will try to focus our attention on a few of these yogas and try to assimilate their significance.The most important Yogas in Astrology go under the term, “Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas”. They occur when the planets giving rise to this yoga occupy their own house or are in exaltation and in a quadrant from Ascendant .Some scholars opine that instead of reckoning these yogas from Ascendant, they could be reckoned from the Moon, as well. These yogas are mentioned in Table 1.

Name of the Yoga Planet causing the Yoga
Ruchaka Mars
Bhadra Mercury
Hamsa Jupiter
Malavya Venus
Sasa Saturn

Ruchaka yoga is formed on account of the presence of Mars in a quadrant from Ascendant, while occupying Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn.

A person born in Ruchaka yoga will be :
1) Good looking with beautiful eyebrows.
2) Slim waist and lower limbs.
3) Full of strength and courageous.
4) Fond of adventure.
5) Endowed with fighting qualities.
6) Well- versed in occultism, sacred texts and prayers. 7) Bilious in constitution.
8) Enjoying good reputation.
9) Earning wealth through courageous deeds.
10) Equal to a ruler.
11) Commanding an army or a fleet of horses or conveyances.
12) Will attain heaven at the age of seventy.

Please note that for the real effects of the yoga to fructify, the planet must be strong. According to Dr. B.V.Raman, “A really powerful yoga would be a rare phenomenon. Emphasis is laid on the word balishta so that if a planet is weak by debilitation, association or aspect the yoga does not operate in its real sense, though nominally it may exist. Here importance is attached to the de facto rather than de jure presence of this yoga (300 important combinations , Tenth edition,1997,page51).

Bhadra yoga is formed on account of the presence of the Mercury in a quadrant from ascendant, while occupying Gemini or Virgo. Please note that Mercury is the only planet whose exaltation sign also happens to be its own house. Consequently this is the rarest of the Pancha Mahapurusha yogas because the probability of the occurrence is only about 67% ,compared to the rest of the Mahapurusha Yogas.

A person born in Bhadra yoga will be:

1) Long lived, praised by learned and of sharp intellect.
2) Has the face of a tiger and the gait of an elephant.
3) Well versed in scriptures.
4) Devoted to befriending Kinsmen and well wishers.
5) Enjoying vast fame and wealth.
6) Possessed of Sattwa guna.
7) Has an independent nature.
8) Is the protector of family.
9) Expert in handling weapons.
10) Becomes wealthy through his own pursuits.
11) Is strong physically and is also healthy.

Notes :

1) In case Mercury conjoins Venus in Virgo, with Ascendant in Gemini(for instance), Bhadra yoga coexists with Neechabhanga raja yoga.
2) For effects of this yoga to occur in full, Mercury should be unaspected and alone. Mercury in conjunction with a malefic becomes a malefic.
3) Please note that this yoga can occur only for persons born in common signs.
4) If a person has Bhadra yoga, it may also involve Mercury having Kendradipathya dosha. So care is required in interpretation.
5) If lagna falls in Pisces and Mercury is in Gemini, then also this yoga will occur. But simultaneously the dictum “Karako Bhava Nasaya” will get involved. This means that a Karaka in Bhava spoils the Bhava. I wish to repeat what I said earlier- care is required in interpretation.


Hamsa yoga is formed on account of the pressure of Jupiter in a quadrant from Ascendant while occupying Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer.

Characteristics of a person born in Hamsa yoga are as follows:-

1) Fair in complexion,handsome.
2) Respected by good people.
3) Blessed with a beautiful wife.
4) The person will have following marks on his body or feet.
a) Matsya-Fish b) Ankusa- Goad c) Dhanus-Bow d) Sankha-Conch e) Kamala-Lotus
5) Interested in swimming or water sports.
6) Has contentment.
7) Enjoys various physical and material pleasures.
8) Is wealthy and righteous.
9) Has a sweet voice of a swan and honey coloured eyes.

Maalavya yoga

A person born in Maalavya yoga will have the following characteristics:
1) Strong minded courageous.
2) Wealthy, fortunate and happy.
3) Is endowed with vehicles.
4) Is renowned.
5) Is learned.
6) One will have well developed physique.
7) One will be predominantly materialistic.
8) Will have undisturbed senses.

While Hamsa yoga is a spiritual yoga per excellence, Malavya yoga is a yoga for materialism and for success in obtaining worldly pleasures and happiness. A person with this yoga is adept in getting optimum pleasure out of sensual pursuits.

A person with Sasa yoga will have the following characteristics:
1) Will get good servants.
2) Covets other people’s riches.
3) Oneisaheadofavillageoratown.
4) Gives a wicked disposition.
5) Looks after guests with devotion.
6) Adapt in metallurgy and chemistry.
7) Is of dark complexion.
8) Frequents jungles, forts and other odd places.
9) Saturn represents masses and hence this yoga can confer
leadership qualities.


An indepth study of the peculiarities of the Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas would reveal the innate qualities of the planets which give rise to these Yogas.For anyone to make a mark in life or to reach a position of honour or achieve success or distinction in their field of activity,it is necessary to be blessed with at least one of the five Mahapurusha Yogas in the birth Chart.

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