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Vimshottari Dasha

UNDERSTANDING THE PECULIARITIES OF VIMSHOTTARI DASHA DR E S NEELAKANTAN The dasha systems used in Vedic Astrology ,have as their primary purpose ,detecting the time of occurrence of events. Eventhough Maharishi Parasara, who put the astrological fraternity under an ocean of debt, by expounding subtle astrological precepts through his magnum


ASTROLOGICAL COMBINATIONS FOR WRITERS   BY DR. E S NEELAKANTAN  Proficiency in any Art, Skill or Vocation is mainly attributable to the presence of key planets in certain houses in the natal chart. To become a writer, journalist, poet or an author, one needs certain specific planetary dispositions. What those astrological rules are, we are going to discuss

The Fallacy of Nakshatra Lordships

The relationship between a planet and the lord of the constellation is not unknown to the founding fathers of Astrology. The line of demarcation between Traditional Astrology and Stellar Astrology is thin or even non-existent. The Nakshatra lordship of planets which is the foundation on which Stellar Astrology rests is a corollary to