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गजभजु गयोर प ब धनं श श दवाकरयो ह पीडनम ् |
म तमतां च वलो य द र तां व धरहो बलवा न त मे म तः ||

Even elephants and snakes, (who are so powerful and dangerous) have to remain in captivity and the Moon and Sun have to face the ignominy of an eclipse. Oh ! when I see wise and intelligent persons facing penury, then I am compelled to believe that it is destiny that is most powerful and not the capability and the strength of the individuals in shaping their lives.

Which is stronger, Fate or Freewill? Can Intellect conquer fate? Can planets nullify our best efforts? All these questions have been raised by people, since time immemorial and answers look elusive and inconclusive, despite the best explanations of scholars. The next pertinent question to ask would be,” Can fate be rewritten?” One such temple where devotees throng to rewrite their fate is the Brahmapureeswarar Temple at Tirupattur(near Tirichy) in Tamil Nadu.

According to mythology, Lord Brahma presides over creation, Vishnu over sustenance and Shiva over dissolution. The trio rule over ” Shrishti, Sthithi and Laya” the three basic activities of the Universe. Lord Brahma took considerable pride over his creative role. The pride in Brahma provoked Lord Shiva and in a fit of anger, He destroyed Brahma`s fifth head. Further Lord Shiva issued a curse that from that moment onwards, Brahma would lose his power over creation. To relieve himself of this curse, Lord Brahma started on a pilgrimage and visited 12 Shiva lingams around Brahmapureeswar Temple and worshipped Lord Shiva here for a considerable span of time.

Moved by these prayers and acting under Goddess Parvathi`s appeal for mercy, Lord Shiva, appeared under a bullet wood tree, giving “darshan” to Lord Brahma. Lord Shiva blessed the latter with a separate shrine in this temple. A final word of benediction was given to Lord Brahma by Lord Shiva. Since Lord Brahma , had his fate rewritten here, he in turn would rewrite the fate of all those devotees who come to this temple.” Many devotees believe that coming to this temple marks a turning point in their life.”

It is also important to note that Brahma is generally not worshipped in spite of the fact that he is one of the Hindu Trinity of Gods.Here is a story which explains the reason

According to a story in the Shiva Purana (dedicated to Lord Shiva), at the beginning of time in Cosmos, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahmā approached a huge Shiva linga and set out to find its beginning and end.. However, neither could find His destination. Vishnu, bowed down to Shiva as the Supreme Power. Brahmā did not give up so easily. As He was searching, he saw a ketaki ( screw pine ) flower, dear to Lord Shiva. His ego forced him to ask ketaki to bear false witness about Brahmā’s discovery of Shiva’s beginning. When Brahmā told his tale, Shiva, the all-knowing, was angered by the former’s ego. Shiva thus cursed him that no being in the three worlds will worship him.

Needless to say this is a rare temple as temples for Brahma are few in number.This temple is located close to the Trichy – Chennai highway. There is a popular belief here that once a lamp is lighted in this temple, similar radiance would engulf the devotee`s life.The idol of Brahma found in this temple is supposed to be “Swayambhu” (one that appears of its own accord).
The most striking aspect of this shrine is that anyone who desires to change his destiny by the grace of Lord Brahma, would automatically find his way to this Shrine. Mondays and Thursdays are particularly auspicious for visiting this Shrine.

The temple boasts of a 150 year old tree believed to have been planted by Siddhas. The temple tank is known as “Brahma Theertham”. Water from this tank is used to perform Abhishekam to Brahma.The Bakula Theertham in this temple is supposed to match the Ganges in terms of its purificatory power.Maharishi Patanjali, author of “ Patanjali Yoga Sutras” also finds a shrine in this temple.It is believed that Maharishi Patanjali attained Jiva- Samadhi at this holy spot.

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