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By Dr E.S. Neelakantan

The Fourth House, ruling over happiness and peace of mind plays a key role in the wellbeing of any person.

Happiness From Mother

A Child gets both physical and emotional nourishment from mother. A loving mother is a boon and God’s gift. Only some people are blessed by mother’s kindness. In families with multiple children, in some cases, the youngest child alone is loved by the mother while the rest are deprived of mother`s affection. Children studying in Boarding schools lose mother`s love in the formative years of life. How Astrology views this phenomenon can be understood by going through some of the key rules which we will discuss now,

If the 4th house or its lord is hemmed between malefics the native derives no happiness from mother; same in the case if the 4th house is occupied or aspected by a malefic. If the 4th lord is aspected by a malefic or if the 4th lord conjoins a malefic, the above rule holds good. If Venus is in the 7th from Moon, in conjunction with a malefic, the native is deprived of maternal happiness.

The mother may even die if Saturn occupies the 4th house aspected by a malefic. Same is true if Moon occupies the 5th house; Mother`s happiness will not be there if Moon – Mars conjunction is there in the 10th house. Moon with a malefic in the 7th deprives one of maternal happiness; same is true if Jupiter is in the Lagna, Saturn is in the second and Rahu is in the 7th. If Jupiter is in Lagna, Saturn is in the 2nd and Rahu is in the 3rd, the mother dies; same is true if Mars is in the Lagna, while Sun is in 3 or 7. If Moon is hemmed between malefics or if malefics occupy the 4th or 7th from Moon, the mother of the child will not survive. When Saturn is in a trine from Moon, the mother dies in the case of a night-birth.

The Mother will be long lived if a benefic occupies the 4th, provided the Karaka of 4th house conjoins a benefic If Moon is strong or conjoined with Venus, mother is long lived. A Person will have cordial relationship with his Mother if Lords of Lagna and 4 are friends and are conjoined with or aspected by benefic planets only.


While Hindu scriptures glorify the status of a Mother equating her to God, the textbooks on Astrology take a more practical view and the shortcomings in moral values being followed is highlighted. If the Lord of the 4th is aspected by a benefic, the mother will be chaste and pure. Same is true if both Sun and a benefic aspect the lord of 4. Same is true if a strong 4th lord occupies Lagna. The Native`s mother will be immoral if 

(a) Moon & Mars occupy the 4th along with lord of the 6th.

(b) 4th lord conjoins Rahu and another Malefic.


There is an indication of Man`s relationship with quadrupeds in Astrological theory and this is indicated by the 4th house. It is said that in earlier yugas people will rear cows, but in Kali yuga, people would rear dogs or have them as pets.

(a) If the Atmakaraka is in Taurus navamsa, one will be get happiness through quadrupeds

(b) If a benefic aspects the 4th house, quadrupeds will promote the happiness of the native.


In ancient scriptures, Man’s life is divided into four divisions namely Brahmacharya, Grihasthasrama, Vanaprasta and Sannyasa. However, while analyzing longevity, Astrological texts indicate three types of horoscopes viz., Alpayus, Madhyayus & Poornayus. Usually upto 32, it is said to be Alpayus while double that figure gives rises to Madhyayus. Anyone who lives beyond 64 is said to have Poornayus; advances in technology and medicines have increased the life span of an individual. The Vedic texts written seems to show that the full life span of an individual is 100 years while the Vimshottari dasha system shows that to undergo all the dasas and bhuktis one has to live upto 120 years. The Million dollar question would be: Which stage of life would yield happiness? Is the native destined to be happy?

If the lord of Lagna is vargottama or in own or exalted navamsa or in his own or friendly decanate and be conjoined or aspected by a benefic, one will be happy throughout life. If the lagna is either occupied by or aspected by a benefic and is free from the occupation by a malefic, one will be happy throughout life. The 4th House denotes Happiness.

(a) If the lord of the 4th is aspected by Jupiter, one becomes happy.

(b) If a benefic occupies the 4th house one becomes happy.

(c) If the 4th lord is hemmed between benefics, one is happy 

(d) Strong Jupiter in conjunction with the lord of 4 makes a person happy.

(e) If the lord of 4 occupies a trine or a quadrant in conjunction with a benefic one becomes happy.

(f) If the lord of 4 occupies a benefic Amsa and is in 2,3,6,10 or 11 one will be happy.


Unhappiness is a state of mind. There are several rich people who are unhappy. Marilyn Monroe, committed suicide while at the pinnacle of glory in Hollywood cinema. There are many sadhus who live in holly towns, who do not possess wealth or comforts but still lead very happy lives. Happiness is not to be found unless there is an underlying intention to be happy. Again, those who seek happiness from external objects, fail to get fulfillment through them and eventually end up becoming unhappy. Unless the mind is controlled and channelized in a proper way, one cannot achieve happiness. One`s past karma and the actions of the present life will indicate whether a person will succeed in begetting lasting happiness.

(a) If malefics occupy Lagna, the native will be unhappy.

(b) If the lord of 4 is weak and conjoins a malefic, the person through rich, becomes unhappy.

(c) A person through endowed with Wealth and Children becomes unhappy if lord of 4 is debilitated and occupies a malefic navamsa.

(d) One will ever be unhappy if lord of 4 is conjoined with Mars and the Sun, occupies a malefic navamsa and is devoid of benefic aspect.

(e) If Mars and the Sun occupy the 4th, while in an inimical navamsa aspected by a malefic, the native will become unhappy through loss of house and wealth.


People stay in independent bungalows, apartments, huts and rental houses. It all depends on the financial status of the person. Kings reside in palaces. Army men stay in tents, Students stay in hostels; saints live in ashrams. So, occupation and status also decide what kind of house, a person will occupy. The Fourth house decides what kind of house one is destined to live in.

Rich people live mansions. The following combinations indicate that the person will stay in a mansion.

(a) If the 4th house is occupied by a planet in exaltation reckoned in the navamsa chart counted from the Atmakaraka in navamsa, then the person will live in a mansion. Let us assume that the Atmakaraka occupies Capricorn navamsa and Sun in navamsa is in Aries. Then in this case, the native will live in a mansion.

(b) If the 4th house reckoned from the Atmakaraka in navamsa is occupied by Rahu and Saturn, the native owns a mansion.

(c) If the 4th house reckoned from the Atmakaraka in navamsa is occupied by Moon and Venus, the native owns a mansion

Consider the 4th house from the Atmakaraka in the navamsa chart

(a) If the aforesaid house is occupied by Ketu and Mars, the house will be built of bricks.

(b) If the aforesaid house is occupied by Jupiter, the house will be built of wood.

(c) If the aforesaid house is occupied by Sun, the house will be built of grass. 

One need not take the literal meaning in the above cases. We have builders who construct houses in such a way, that they last for 50 years. Some builders are economical but the quality is compromised- so the quality of construction of the house will depend on the planet occupying the 4th from the Atmakaraka in navamsa.


When we say immovable property, it can mean a land or a building or both. Again, lands come under two categories- urban land and agricultural land.

1) If the lords of 4 and 10 interchange houses and Mars is strong, the native will own rich lands

2) If the lords of 4 and 10 are strong and mutually friendly the native will own lands

3) If the 4th lord as well as the 4th house are conjoined with benefics, the native will own lands

4) If the lord of 4 is in 5 (and is in Gopuramsa or a higher amsa), the native will own lands.

5) If the lord of 4 occupies Lagna and is conjoined with or aspected by benefics, the native will acquire lands through his own efforts.

6) If the lords of 4 and 6 exchange houses and the lord of 4 is stronger than the lord of 6, the native will acquire lands from his enemies.


1) If the lord of 4 occupies his depression, inimical sign or is combusted and be conjoined with or aspected by a malefic, the native`s lands will be lost. 

2) If Mars is hemmed between malefics or be aspected by malefics or is in a malefic Amsa, there will be loss of lands.

3) If the lord of 4 occupies a dustana (6, 8 or 12), there will be loss of lands.

4) If the lord of 4 occupies 2 and is debilitated or is in an enemy`s sign in conjunction with a malefic, the native will sell away his lands.

5) If the lord of 10 occupies 4 in conjunction with a malefic, the native will sell away his lands.

6) Due to attachment by the government, one`s lands will be lost if lord of 4 occupies 10 in conjunction with the Sun.


1) Lagna: If the 4th lord is in lagna, the native will be endowed with learning, virtue, ornaments, lands and maternal happiness.

2) 2nd: The 4th lord in 2 will give abundant gains from mother and maternal relations. The native will be cunning, will enjoy all kinds of wealth and pleasures and will live with honour and be adventurous.

3) 3rd: If the 4th lord is in the third, the native will be free from diseases, will possess self-earned wealth, will be valorous, liberal, virtuous and charitable.

4) 4th: the native will be a minister, will be skillful, virtuous, honorable, learned, happy and will be well disposed to spouse.

5) 5th: Will be happy and liked by all. He will be devoted to Lord Vishnu, be virtuous, honourable and will have self-earned wealth

6) 6th: If the 4th lord is in the 6th, the native will be devoid of maternal happiness. The native will be angry, independent and will be a thief.

7) 7th: The native will be highly educated but will not get paternal wealth.

8) 8th: The native will be devoid of comforts.

9) 9th: If the lord of 4 is in 9, the native will be dear to one and all, will be devoted to God, be virtuous, honourable and endowed with every kind of happiness.

10) 10th: One will be happy, professionally if the lord of 4 is in the 10th. He will conquer the five senses.

11) 11th: One will be liberal, virtuous, charitable and will be helpful to others. 

12) 12th: If the 4th lord is in the 12th, the native will be devoid of domestic comforts and will have vices. 


Sun: One will get a good reputation. there will be differences with coborns and relatives. The native will be humiliated in litigation and debates. Mind will be disturbed.

Moon: Native will be happy, will enjoy all sensual pleasures, will have dependable friends, will be liberal, possessed of vehicles and will be famous. The native will have many difficulties during childhood but afterwards he will be happy. He will derive happiness through his Wife and Children.

Mars: The native will not be able to enjoy the benefits of good yogas present in the horoscope. The only positive feature of this placement is that the native gains lands through the king. The native will face all kinds of miseries.

Mercury: The native`s circle of friends will be from the affluent strata. He may serve in political circles. His words and opinions will be followed by others. He will be held in high esteem and he will frequently travel to far off countries.

Jupiter: The native will be shrewd, eloquent, philosophically inclined, learned, happy and fortunate. He will inherit ancestral properties.

Venus: The native will be religiously inclined and attached to mother. He will be extremely rich, learned, honoured by all and endowed with conveyances. He will be endowed with property, clothes and perfumes. He will be liberal and respected in society.

Saturn: The native will be deprived of ancestral properties. He will be unhappy with respect to home and relatives. Rheumatic diseases are likely. He will be disliked by relatives and prefers to live in seclusion 

Rahu: Mother will be sick and there will not be any happiness from friends. The native will be aloof with his wife and be very proud and strong willed.

Ketu: There will be no pleasure from mother or friends. Father’s wealth will be lost and in case he stays at home, he will be uncomfortable. The person will be a scandal monger.


Sun: Mental agony, family quarrels, loss of happiness, lack of food and obstacles to travel plans will occur.

Moon: Loss of mental equilibrium, enmity with relatives and unstable disposition will be the results.

Mars: Fever, stomach ailments and bleeding will occur.

Mercury: Happiness to mother, gain of wealth and success in undertakings will be the results of Mercury in the 4th in transit from Natal Moon.

Jupiter: Unwanted expenditure, quarrels, travel to distant lands and mental instability are caused by transit Jupiter in the 4th.

Venus: The native will get money, good wife and child. He will get dresses and perfumes. He gets friends and delicious food

Saturn: Relatives get into trouble; he suffers humiliation. The native will run from pillar to post. This transit is also called Kantaka Shani or Ardhashtama Shani.

Rahu: The native undergoes enormous difficulties. He will develop enmity with others. Health suffers.

Ketu: There will be fear in the mind. The native loses money in speculation and gambling.


In this article, we have taken a bird’s eye view of all the significant matters governed by the fourth house. For any budding astrologer, there is a dire necessity to know about the fourth house in-depth as lots of clients need to know about when to buy a house or a car. Interestingly the fourth house covers matters both spiritual and material. Today the western world is taking a liking towards Yoga, Meditation, Vastu shastra and Eastern philosophy. All these come under the ambit of the fourth house and therefore I am happy to place before our learned readers a panoramic view of the 4th house in Astrology.


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