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The forthcoming year, Durmukhi throws up lots of interesting possibilities with the thoughts of a sinister Mars-Saturn conjunction looming large over the world. Two sinister conjunctions viz., Mars-Saturn and Jupiter-rahu vitiate the cosmic landscape adding to the woes of a troubled world which is looking for succor, economically, socially and politically. What does the hindu year Durmukhi, hold for the world? This we will try to unravel in the course of this article.

There are three methods by which prospects for the forthcoming year can be forecast. They are as follows:

1. Forecasts based on Lunar year

2. Forecasts based on Solar Year and

3. inclusive methodology

The significations of Venus will flourish during the course of this year.People who are married will be happy; they will enjoy conjugal happiness and consequently divorce rates will dwindle.Perfumes, scents, dresses and other items which are preferred by women will be overused and consequently sale of these products will flourish. As Venus rules over rites and rituals, more people will perform rituals at home and they will be benefitted.The movie industry is favored and there will be international recognition for movies made in india.As Venus is a watery planet, there will be copious rains. To reiterate again, Durmukhi year trends indicate that the second half will be wetter compared to the first half.

The Tamil astrological classic Varshadi Nool gives a few broad hints about Durmukhi Year. Agricultural activities will be prosperous and a good harvest can be expected. Considering this factor, this is an ideal year for investment in agriculture and agricultural related activities.The second half of the Durmukhi year viz., November 16 to March17 will yield copious rains.Products which are white in colour could become scarce. To give a couple of examples, Salt and Cotton, which are white in colour, could become scarce.

The “Navanayagar” theory is one which gives clues on how the year could be for the masses. The king of the year is Venus. As the lunar year commences on April 7, 2016 at 16.54 iST which is a Thursday, the Pratipada or the first lunar day commences on a Friday at sunrise. Friday is ruled by Venus making it the king of the year.

The minister for Durmukhi year is Mercury. As Mercury rules over trade and commerce, there will be increase in purchase and sale of agricultural commodities. Academicians will gain name and fame besides governmental favor.The commander-in-chief of Durmukhi year is Mars. There will be constant threat of war and the border security forces will be forced to remain on a non- stop vigil. A mood of belligerence prevails as in the course of the Durmukhi year.Mars tends to overstay in Scorpio till 18 Sep 2016. So the military as well as paramilitary forces will be compelled to remain in a fire-fighting mode. The government needs to ensure safety of those places where atomic reactors are located.

Mars is the lord of clouds (Megadipathi) as well as lord of trade and commerce. Consequently, there could be dust storms and cyclones. As weather is harsh, there will be destruction all-round on account of natural calamities. Besides this there will be aparadoxical situation wherein some places will get copious rains, while other regions suffer from drought.Lord of metals is Saturn. Prices of iron and steel will shoot up. Sesame is ruled by Saturn and consequently there will be inflation in the prices of gingelly oil. In general, oil prices will firm up.

Now we will take a close look at india’s independence chart. The present dasa is that of Moon who is the lord of third house place in own house in Cancer. it is in close conjunction with Mercury and forms a square with 11 th lord Jupiter.

Growth in media, transport, telecommunication and iT enabled services will be supported by Dasa lord Moon. india will move into a new era of bullet trains and lots of existing trains will get converted into high-speed trains. The quality of services available inside the trains will show considerable improvement. high speed internet will become the order of the day and fiber-optic networks will be laid all over the country. All government initiatives will be brought to the notice of the public through emails and TV channels.

The indian space programme will receive a major boost. india is on the verge of becoming a world leader in space technology. Further in this period, foundation will be laid for manufacture of passenger aircraft. Empowerment of women through reservation will be implemented as dasa lord Moon occupies a feminine sign Cancer in the company of another feminine planet, Venus.

in this connection, mention needs to be made about the swearing in ceremony chart of Sri Narendra Modi. Modiji became the Prime Minister of india on 26 th May 2014 at 18.10 pm. The odd features of this chart are as follows:-

Usually Bharani nakshatra is never preferred for auspicious occasions. Here the oath of office was taken in Bharani nakshatra.A malefic in 8 forebodes evil. In any Muhurtha, a malefic in 8 is to be avoided.To some extent, thesedoshas are alleviated by the aspect of Jupiter on the ascendant and presence of the yogakaraka Saturn in the ascendant. Mercury in the 9 th is also a strong point of the chart. The presence of Mercury and Jupiter in the 3 rd from Moon aspecting the 3 rd from lagna has already given a very strong impetus to india’s foreign policy. The sub- period of Sunin the mahadasha of Venus will operate from 6 th April 2016 to 1 st April 2017 in the swearing-in chart. As Sun is in the 8 th , there is a dire necessity to exercise caution in all security-related matters. having said that the possibility of a national mourning cannot be ruled out in this period as Sun occupies the 8 th in the coronation chart and its sub-period operates during the Durmukhi year.The negative influences in coronation chart imply that the Modi government will have to overcome several challenges within the country and from outside to give the benefit of good governance to the nation. As the lord of 2 nd occupies the 12 th , a daridra yoga is given rise to. The 11 th lord in the 8 th is also a curse. Consequently, the Union Budgets will introduce more and more taxes creating frustration and disappointment in the minds of the public. According to Chanakya, the king ought not to collect more than one- fourth of income by way of taxes. in the case of the present government, the taxes levied will be disproportionately high and the public especially the salaried class will be put to considerable hardship.The lunar year chart also shows the conjunction of Sun (12 th lord) with Moon (11 th lord) and Venus (2 nd lord). This means that the prosperity of the nation will be seriously challenged by an oppressive taxation regime. Simplification of direct taxes and introduction of a friendly tax payer regime will remain more of rhetoric and in practice, the canons of taxation will be shylock-like in the solar year chart, the 5 th lord Saturn joins the 2 nd lord Mars and at the navamsa level, these planets happen to occupy their own houses. in the lunar year chart the 5 th lord Saturn joins the 3 rd lord Mars and occupies the 3 rd . A combined reading of these two charts shows that the sensex, which is indicative of the mood of the stock market, will have a bullish undertone throughout Durmukhi year. By the time Durmukhi year comes to an end, the sensex will be in the range of 28,000-30,000. The nifty will also show healthy growth. Stocks of banking companies would get affected as Jupiter is in conjunction with rahu in the 12 th house. The banks would be forced to declare their real NPA levels in their balance sheet. however, once Jupiter enters Virgo, banking sector will gain added momentum and prices of bank shares will show an upward growth. As the 3 rd lord occupies the 3 rd , shares of telecommunication, aviation and software companies will show strong growth. Venus as lord of 2 nd and9 th is exalted in the 7 th . Stocks of television channels and entertainment companies would show a significant upward trend. There will be continued buoyancy in the stock market and this would be the right moment to enter stocks and make healthy profits.

Coming to the commodities market, let us analyze how the gold prices would behave in the Durmukhi year. in the lunar year chart there is mutual interchange between Sun (12 th lord) and Jupiter (7 th lord). Both Sun and Jupiter are strong significators of gold. 7 th rules international trends while 12 th denotes losses. Due to international trends, there would be considerable fluctuation in gold prices. Further the conjunction of rahu with Jupiter will also result in turbulence in gold prices rendering it fairly unstable. As a result, traders are advised to stay away from margin trading in Gold futures, until the period of uncertainty gets over.

The interpretation of mundane events from the lunar year chart complements the same when it is read with reference to the solar chart. in some parts of india such as Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, precedence is given to the Moon whereas in states likeTamilnadu and Kerala, it is the Sun which is primary to reading of panchangas. A third method is what is known as “inclusive methodology”. This method can be better understood by reading the book, A Nation’s Prophecyby Dr. ravi rao, wherein he explains in detail how this system works. I will now explain the principles underlying the Inclusive Method in brief. For every country there is an ascendant, which is deduced either from its independence chart or the republic chart. if the transits on a particular day are read having that ascendant as the basis, we can forecast what is going to happento a nation using that chart for that particular year. For india, Taurus is the ascendant in the independenceDaychart, while Pisces rises on republic day. if you draw a chart, map out all the planets and take th e ascendant as Pisces or Taurus for instance, you can infer what is going to happen to india, during the year. Likewise, for all nations you can forecast the significant events.

When Saturn transits the stars Anuradha and Jyeshta it could trigger a war in the West. Skirmishes in Jammu and Kashmir appear possible. An internecine war would be fought in West Asia between iSiS and its opponents. This war could intensify to such an extent, that it can inflict casualties comparable to a world war. Saturn is an airy planet whereas Mars is a fiery one. This conjunction goes by the name Agni-Maruta yoga. This yoga occurs in the martian sign Scorpio which is also a watery sign. This conjunction could trigger tidal waves and earthquakes, especially in the Far East in countries like indonesia and Philippines. The first house denotes the ruler in a mundane chart. A ruler can be a Prime Minister, President, King, Queen, Dictator, Viceroy, Governor-General or any person who rules over a country. in the chart for the year, the lagna lord Mercury occupies a dustana, the 8 th . This denotes setbacks for the ruler. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to take all precautions to ensure that people at the helm of affairs are well protected.

The second house denotes finance, economic situation, fiscal policy and commerce. As the 2 nd lord Venus is exalted, the economy will be in fine fettle. As there is no malefic influence on the 2 nd , by and large one can expect a corruption-free regime in india. The strength of the 2 nd house also implies that india’s natural resources like iron, Coal, oil and Uranium will be properly utilized and such resources will augment the government treasury. The mood of the nation, including sentiments and attitude of the people can be gauged from the 3 rd house. The 3 rd lord Mars in conjunction with 5 th lord Saturn occupies the 3 rd house. Communication and media are denoted by the 3 rd house. There will be healthy debates in the media over the performance and actions of the government. Malefics in the 3 rd vitiate relations with neighbors. here Saturn in the 3 rd could create skirmishes on the border. indo-Pak relations will continue to be bitter and all efforts to bring about cordiality would meet with setbacks. The 4 th house denotes buildings, mines etc., and in the lunar chart, Jupiter as 4 th lord is afflicted in the 12 th in the company of rahu. Disasters in the form of earthquakes, cyclones and fire accidents are possible.The affliction to the 4 th house combined with the Mars-Saturn conjunction could seriously affect peace in the country. Both natural and man-made calamities appear possible. Destruction on a large scale is foreseen owing to these planetary positions.

Sports and games are ruled by the 5 th house. Saturn as 5 th lord aspecting the 5 th gives international recognition to our sportsmen. This will be an exceptionally good year for sports in India. indian cricketers will show exemplary skill and courage and laurels are in store for them.

The 6 th house in the lunar chart is occupied by Ketu. infectious diseases could be triggered by the presence of Ketu in the 6 th . Further the aspect of an afflicted retrograde Jupiter from the 12 th could give rise to diseases such as swine flu, dengue, typhoid and other diseases which can start abruptly and also prove to be life threatening at times.

A benefic in the 7 th augurs well for international relations, trade and strategic affairs. Venus exalted in the 7 th gives a boost to bilateral trade and foreign affairs. india’s foreign policy will get wide acclaim not only within the country but also abroad. The positive side of the 8 th house is scientific research. As the 8 th lord is well placed in 3 and the 8 th is occupied by an unafflicted Mercury, Indian scientists will get recognition in international fora. Possibility of an indian scientist getting a prestigious award is there. india will become a forerunner in Science and Technology in the years to come. Sedition, espionage and other activities against the country are indicated by the 12 th house. rahu in the 12 th is indicative of infiltration by insurgents and terrorists into the country. Since Jupiter which indicates morals and fair play joins rahu, these attempts will be detected early and foiled.

Pakistan and Afghanistan

For Pakistan, Leo rises in the 30 th degree making it a highly inauspicious year for the country. The Government at the helm of affairs is precariously placed with the lord of 10 in 8. Further the placement of malefics in the quadrants exposes the country to both man-made and natural calamities.

The 27 th degree of Leo rises in Kabul, Afghanistan. here again violence and unrest of an ethnic nature threaten the solidarity of the country. The course of Durmukhi could take this nation into a state of lawlessness.Afghanistan’s rising sign is usually taken as Aries and this conjunction takes place in the 8 th house. A major earthquake will hit Afghanistan. it will be the country which could greatly get affected by the Mars-Saturn conjunction. A change of government appears likely.

United States of America

The 10 th degree of Aries rises in Washington DC. As the lord of 10 th moves into the 8 th forming a conjunction with the 8 th lord, there is a compelling need to reinforce security for the people at the helm of the affairs. Jupiter is a planet of purity, wisdom, spirituality and knowledge whereas rahu denotes impurity, naivety, materiality and illusions; by its very nature rahu is opposed to Jupiter. No wonder, this conjunction is termed as Guru Chandala yoga. By occurring in the 4 th house of india’s independence chart it has enough venom to promote communal tensions, sectarian conflicts, religious strife and divisions among citizens.

Middle East

The entire Middle East especially Syria, I raq, iran, Lebanon, Libya and Palestine turn into cauldrons of conflict. The square aspect of Saturn on Rahu which occurs on Sep 27, 2016 could aggravate tensions in the Middle East.

There is an interesting 3 planet conjunction in the 7 th in india’s lunar chart. These three planets are Sun (as 12 th lord), Moon as 11 th lord and Venus as 2 nd lord. This conjunction would facilitate heavy investments into rail and roads, thereby promoting greater connectivity to remote places. Foreign investments would also come into india in a big way. Measures would be taken to bring money stashed in tax havens and Swiss Banks into india. Some kind of an amnesty scheme would be introduced which will enable black money holders to bring their funds into the mainstream through payment of taxes.

Overall, this Durmukhi year could prove to be a crucial year in taking India on the road to becoming a Super Power.

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