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USA World Watch The United States of America is considered to be the world’s most powerful country, due to its economic, political and military prowess. Besides this it also houses some of the world’s most revered and top-ranking Educational Institutions and Universities. Despite being the most developed democratic country in
Saturn’s Transit over Capricorn – Astrological Analysis By Dr E S Neelakantan The most dreaded transit in the world is that of Saturn while the most eagerly awaited transit is again, that of Saturn. How is it so contradictory? Those under the grip of Saturn await its transit to the
ASTROLOGICAL JUDGEMENT OF HOUSES IN HOROSCOPES By Dr.E.S.Neelakantan  INTRODUCTION: When we consider the whole gamut of Predictive Astrology, what it finally boils down is the judgement of houses. Dissection of a house with clinical precision is a gift in the hands of learned Astrologers. When the subject called bhava is
ASTROLOGY IN RELATION TO FINANCE BY DR. E S NEELAKANTAN The scriptural texts of the orient mention Dharma, Artha(wealth), Kama (Pleasures of Life) and Moksha (Final emancipation) as the four ends of life. Astrology, which is considered an eye of the Vedas, also supports this theory, by designating two pivotal
PROSPECTS FOR THE NAVEEN PATNAIK GOVERNMENT Dr E S Neelakantan  Under a dazzling array of planets adorning the firmament, the Naveen Patnaik ministry was sworn it at Bhubaneshwar in the celebrated Abhijin lagna, which is extolled in textbooks on Astrology. It is said that a Lagna derives strength when benefics
ASTROLOGICAL INDICATIONS FOR GAIN OF HONOUR AND RESPECT By Dr.E.S.Neelakantan INTRODUCTION: In ancient times, the test of success in life would be the honour conferred on an individual by a Village, Country, Society, King or the Subjects. It is one thing to be capable, talented, virtuous so on and so