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Saturn’s Transit over Sagittarius – Astrological Analysis

Destiny could be said to be the most capricious thing in the world; it is whimsical to say the least and no planet symbolizes it so much as Saturn. Saturn’s transit is something which either someone looks forward to or despises the most. In this write-up, I will discuss the movements of Saturn, its impact on mundane affairs, influence on the twelve zodiacal signs and how it impacts people who are born in any one of the twelve signs representing the zodiac. Saturn symbolizes the Karma (deeds) to be performed to uphold Dharma (righteousness) and hence he is known as ‘The Karmakaraka’. He is the signifier of hard work, perfection, spirituality, discipline, reverse engineering, slowing down of events, obstacles, delays and matters foreign to a native. Saturn is the most dreaded planet as it is considered the most malevolent amongst all natural malefics. Here, effects of Saturn transit are studied from different angles.

Astronomical data

Let us quickly glance though the astronomical data relating to the impending transit of Saturn over Sagittarius.

On 20th June 2017, Retrograde Saturn enters Jyeshta (4th Pada). It becomes direct in the same sign (Scorpio) on 25th August’2017. Then, it moves over to Sagittarius by stepping into Moola 1st Pada on 26th October’17. It moves on to Moola 2nd Pada on 28th November’2017.It steps into Moola 3rd Pada on 26th December’2017 and moves on to Moola 4th Pada on 24th January’2018.It enters Poorvashada 1st Pada on 2nd March’2018 where it gets retrograde during the period 18th April’2018 to 5th June’2018. In retrogression it moves to Moola 4th Pada and stays there from 6th June’2018 to 6th September’ 2018. It resumes direct motion on 7th September’2018 and continues in Moola 4th Pada till 27th November’2018. It moves through Poorvashada star from 28th November’2018 to 29th April’2019. It gets retrograde in the same star (Poorvashada) from 30th April’2019 to 18th September’2019. After that, it resumes direct motion, traverses through the quarters of Poorvashada between 19th September 2019 and 26th December 2019. Then it moves into Uttarashada 1st Pada on 27th December’2019 and stays there itself till it makes its final transit to Capricorn on 24th January’2020.

The movement of Saturn is explained in the flowchart below:

[accordion-item title=”Flowchart” state=Open]





Table 1- Transit

Entry into sign Date Time
Sagittarius 26th  October’17 18:11
Capricorn 24th January’2020 12.11

The next aspect we need to take note of are the retrograde movements of Saturn. Saturn is retrograde for a period of 141 days before commencing direct motion. It assumes retrograde motion in Sagittarius from 18th April’18 to 6th September’ 18. Saturn resumes direct motion and continues in Sagittarius till 30th April’2019. It again becomes retrograde between 30thApril’19 and 18thSeptember’19 and makes its next transit to  Capricorn on 24th January’2020.

Table 2 –Retrogression

From   To  
Date Time Date Time
18th April, 2018 07:10 6th Sept’2018 17:01
30th April, 2019 06:42 18th Sept’2019 14:08

Combustion is another phenomenon which tends to affect the performance of a planet. It is important to know the dates of combustion.

Table 3-Combustion

                        From                                To  
Date Time Date Time
4th December’2017 08:32 8th January’2018 19:50
15th December’2018 17:28 20th January’2019 04:58
27th December’2019 02:53 31st January’2019 15:23

Saturn in Mythology

In order to explain profound Astrological truths, our forefathers used to employ didactic fables to educate laymen on the intricacies of the science. There are many fables about Saturn from which we can learn how cosmic forces operate in our life. The guilty are always punished for their evil deeds and Saturn exists in order to mete out that punishment. Here, is an important story which deals with how King Vikramaditya had to undergo considerable hardship while Sade Sathi was in operation.

The story of King Vikramaditya and Sade Sathi

King Vikramaditya ruled over Ujjain. He was known for his wisdom, gallantry and magnanimity. His wife was Queen Madalekha.

Once, the nine planets or the navagrahas, went into a discussion about who is the most powerful amongst them. Since Rahu and Ketu were relatively smaller planets, they asked the other seven planets, namely, Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn to decide on the matter. After many arguments, the planets could not arrive at a conclusion. So, they sought help from the King of devas, Lord Devendra. But, Lord Indra felt that if he gives a judgement in favour of one planet, all other planets will become dissatisfied with him. Hence, he advised the planets to seek the opinion of the King (Vikramaditya).

Heeding the advice of Lord Indra, the seven planets approached King Vikramaditya and sought his judgement. King Vikramaditya was overwhelmed to see the Gods. He treated them with utmost respect and devotion. Since he was dutiful, he accepted the onerous task before him, gracefully.

After giving a deep thought to the matter, King Vikramaditya arranged for seven thrones. These thrones were made of Gold, Bronze, Brass, Tin, Zinc, Mica and Iron respectively. The thrones were numbered with Gold as no.1 and Iron as no.7. Then, King Vikramaditya requested the seven Gods to grace the throne of their own accord. Lord Surya (Sun) chose the Golden chair while Lord Shani (Saturn) chose the Iron chair.When the seven Gods sat in the chair of their own volition, King Vikramaditya said “Now, according to the order of your throne you may decide your own rank and none can thrust my judgment upon you.”

Hearing this, Lord Shani (Saturn) stood up and said to the King, “You ranked me the lowest among the planets. You are unaware of my power and influence. Sun can stay in a Zodiac (Rashi) for one to two months; Mars for one and half months; Jupiter for a maximum of thirteen months; Mercury and Venus for one month; Rahu and Ketu for eighteen months. But, I am the the only planet who can influence a Zodiacal sign for two and half to seven and half years. This period is called Sade Sathi. Even the most powerful of all Gods tremble when they hear about Sade Sathi. When Lord Rama went through Sade Sathi he was banished from his own kingdom. Now, be prepared, for your turn, oh King Vikramaditya.” Saying this, Lord Shani disappeared.

Soon, Sade Sathi period started for King Vikramaditya. Saturn took the form of a rich merchant and entered Ujjain to sell horses. King Vikramaditya heard of the excellent horses and sent his men to buy the good ones. Hearing their exorbitant prices, the King came to see the horses himself and liked one of them so much that the merchant asked him to try it out. The moment he sat on it, the horse galloped at enormous speed into the jungles where he managed to jump and get off. But by then, he had lost his way and he had no option but to wait till dawn when, a passing cowherd showed him the way to the nearest town.At the Palace, Queen Madalekha was worried about the King. She was an ardent devotee of Lord Shani Bhagwan. So, she prayed to the Lord and requested him to save her husband. Due to her prayers, Lord Shani promised to save King Vikramaditya’s life, but on the condition that he has to undergo rigorous hardships due to his past karma.

King Vikramaditya finally reached a nearby town. In tattered clothes, he looked shabby like a beggar. Nobody recognized him as the King of Ujjain. A wealthy trader, who was on his way home, took pity on Vikramaditya and offered him food and shelter. King Vikramaditya started working as a domestic help in the trader’s house.

As days passed by, the trader grew attached to Vikramaditya and he gave him the responsibility of making arrangements for his daughter’s wedding ceremony. So, Vikramaditya went to the market to purchase the required items for the marriage ceremony. There, he met a mysterious man who was none other than Lord Shani in disguise who gave Vikramaditya ,the picture of a duck and disappeared. Vikramaditya, unassumingly took it home.

That night, Vikramaditya was baffled by a strange sight. The duck in the picture was swallowing a gold necklace which was to be worn by the trader’s daughter. Due to this, everyone in the trader’s house thought that Vikramaditya had stolen the necklace. The trader’s wife was so angry, that she got Vikramaditya arrested through King Chandrasena’s soldiers.

King Chandrasena was the enemy of King Vikramaditya. He recognized him as King Vikramaditya and ordered his soldiers to cut off his hands and feet in one stroke. The order was immediately executed. Two years later, when the daughter of a wealthy oil trader from Ujjain was passing by ,she immediately recognized King Vikramaditya. She took him home and informed her father of Vikramaditya’s fate. The oil trader put Vikramaditya on the job of pressing out the oil in return for food and clothing. As time went by, it became Vikramaditya’s daily chore to sing while passing time moving the oxen around the mill. He was a talented musician knowing all the ragas, he sang his heart out, until all of a sudden, the force and melody of his voice together caused all the lamps in the city to ignite spontaneously. King Chandrasena’s daughter who was standing in her balcony was marveled at the sight of all the lamps lighted up simultaneously. She sent her servants to investigate. Just then Vikramaditya had completed Raga Deepika, and all the lamps unexpectedly went out. The servants informed the princess that the person whose hands and legs were chopped off on her father’s orders was the singer. She sent him an invite to come and sing for her. Vikramaditya  declined the offer, thinking that Saturn might  not have finished with him yet, but on the insistence of the girl he agreed. Thereafter he kept singing various ragas for her, each appropriate for the time of the day or night. His Sade Sathi also was also coming to an end. The princess too had decided to get married to him only. When the King learnt of her intentions he tried dissuading her, but she wouldn’t relent and threatened to immolate herself if the King did not agree. Vikramaditya was unaware of this drama, and thought to himself that there was more misery left for him to undergo due to the influence of Saturn.

As Vikramaditya thought so, Saturn appeared before him and said, ‘’ O King Vikramaditya! Do you recognize me? Tell me how much suffering you endured by insulting me in your court.’’ Vikramaditya tried to rise to prostrate before Saturn, but being crippled he rolled to Saturn’s feet to pay him obeisance. Saturn said, ‘’Bravo! King Vikramaditya for your patience, you have endured great miseries, now request your heart’s desire from me.’’ Vikramaditya requested Saturn not to trouble anyone as he had troubled him. Saturn was pleased at the King’s selflessness and restored Vikramaditya’s hands and legs, besides his pristine glory.

The moral of the story is that Saturn is not per se evil;it is benevolent if one lives rightfully, truthfully and without ego. In Sade Sathi it creates circumstances to make a person egoistic, shows false promises and then humbles a person completely. Sade Sathi is a period of limitation; it is not only a period of introspection but also one of correction; if you do not heed Saturn’s influence you will suffer like King Vikramaditya .

Moorthy Nirnaya method 

The Moorthy Nirnaya method is well explained by Prof N E Muthuswamy in his magnum opus ” Dictionary of Astrology“.In this book ,the treatment is alike for both benefics as well as malefics.At the time of Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius, Moon will be in Poorvashada 4 – in Sagittarius Rashi. So, Saturn is Swarna Moorthi for Sagittarius, Cancer and Aquarius (1, 6 and 11 counted from Janma Rashi to Sagittarius). It is Rajata Moorthi for Scorpio, Leo and Aries (2, 5 and 9 from Janma Rashi). It is Tamra Moorthi for Libra, Gemini and Pisces (3,7 and 10 from Janma Rashi). It is Loha Moorthi for Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn (4, 8 and 12 from Janma Rashi).

Table 4 – Moorthi Nirnaya

Moorthi Effects Rashis
Swarna Moorthi Excellent Sagittarius, Cancer and Aquarius
Rajata Moorthi Good Scorpio, Leo and Aries
Tamra Moorthi Average Libra, Gemini and Pisces
Loha Moorthi Bad Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn

Saturn Transit reckoned from Birth Star(Janma Nakshathra):

The Star which Saturn transits reckoned from Janma Nakshatra has vital importance in judging the nature of results. This is called Anga Shani. This can be judged from Table 5.

Table 5 – Anga Shani

Star Part of the body Result
1 Face Fear, Loss
2 to 5 Left Shoulder Success
6 to 11 Leg Illness / worries
12 to 16 Heart Gain of Money
17 to 20 Right Shoulder Fear
21 to 23 Head Gain of Status
24,25 Eyes Comfort
26,27 Anus Fear of Death

Saturn Transit Recoked from Birth Sign (Janma Rashi):

  1. Ardhashtama or Kantaka Sani (Saturn in 4th from Natal Moon)
  2. Ashtama Sani (Saturn in 8th from Natal Moon)
  3. 71/2 years Sade Sathi Sani (Saturn in 12th, 1st and 2nd from Natal Moon)

Saturn completes one round of the zodiac in 30 years and remains in a Rashi for 21/2 years. He gives good results only in the 3rd ,6th  and 11th Rashis from birth Moon. In all other houses, he is malefic. This means that in one round of Saturn he gives good results in 2½ x 3 = 7½years, i.e., 3, 6 and 11 from Natal Moon and in remaining 9 Rashis, (22½ years) bad results. Now, we will see how the intensity of malefic results are distributed during each of his round.

  1. He is good in the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses.
  2. In the 5th, 9th and 10th houses he gives moderately bad results.
  3. In 4th house called Ardhashtama or Kantaka Sani ,he gives bad results which is worse than in 5, 9 and 10 .
  4. In 8th, he is called Ashtama Sani which gives bad results only.
  5. In 12 and 2nd houses it is the first and last 2½ years of Sadhe Sathi. This also is a bad period only.
  6. Janma Sani is the period of 2½years when Saturn is in Natal Moon sign and it is a highly malefic period and even dangerous to life.

Out of these, Ashtama Sani and Ardhashtama Sani are called Kalyani and Laghu Kalyani in some texts prevalent in northern India. For Laghu Kalyani or Ardhashtama Sani, i.e., Saturn in 4th, the following results are given:- 

There will be diseases, enmity with relatives and friends, miseries, sorrows, unwanted wandering to various places without any aim or benefit and mental worries.

For the Deergayush Jataka, the first round of Saturn is called in Tamil as “Mangu Sani” which means dull Sani. The next round of 71/2 years of Saturn is called “Pongu Sani” which means overflowing Sani. The third round Saturn is called “Kungu Sani” which means depressing Sani. Now, we will look into the nature of these 4 rounds of Saturn.

  1. Mangu Sani : This can also be called manda (dull) Sani. During this period there will be many difficulties. There will be harassment from government, many trials and ordeals including bad health. Education will be spoiled.
  1. Pongu Sani : This can be called as Fertile Sani. Auspicious functions like education, marriages, fruitful project work, etc. may be finished by the native.

The first part will however be bad. In the last part, all that is lost during Sade Sathi will be regained or compensated.

  1. Kungu Sani (frozen): This can be called depressing Saturn. During third round of Saturn’s Sade Sathi, those who have long life will suffer from mental worries, agony, mourning, death of relatives, sorrows, miseries. If the allotted life span is over, the native may even pass away.
  1. Marana Sani: This is very bad. If the native does not die during third round of Sade Sathi, then during this period if life span gets completed, certainly one passes away.

Out of all the above four rounds only the 2½years of Janma Sani is very bad. Tamil texts declare special results for this Janma Sani. There will be fear of death (during Janma Sani of 3rd round or 4th round). In other rounds, there will be petty quarrels, many chronic diseases, humiliation, loss of self-respect, fear of death, mental agony, hysteria, confusion etc.

Saturn’s 7½years results can be analysed in yet another way. The total 90 months period is distributed among the limbs of the native with specific results as given below: 

Table 6 – Shani Sade Sati Transit Effects

S.No. House from

Janma Rashi

No. of months Parts of the body Results
1. Vyaya(12) 7 Head Difficulties and Loss
2. Vyaya(12) 9 Eyes Loss
3. Vyaya(12) 8 Face Gain of money
4. Vyaya(12) 6 Neck Gain of money
5. Janma Rashi(1) 10 Heart Gain of money
6. Janma Rashi(1) 11 Stomach Gain of money
7. Janma Rashi(1) 5 Naval Fear
8. Janma Rashi(1) 4 Anus Death
9. Dhanam(2) 13 Knees Success
10. Dhanam(2) 12 Thighs Comforts
11. Dhanam(2) 5 Feet Travel
  Total 90 months

Saturn transit from Ashtakavarga angle

When Saturn in his Ashtakavarga transits a house which has zero to eight bindus, the results are as follows:

Table 7 – Transit Effects from Astakavarga Angle

8           One becomes the head of a village or town
7           One gets female slaves, camels and other animals
6           One gains respect from the leaders of thieves
5           One gets bountiful agricultural produce
4           Moderate happiness
3            Loss of wealth
2            Imprisonment, sickness, anxiety , poverty stricken
 1           Sickness
 0           Loss of everything ,death

Please note that interpretation of transit results without considering Ashtakavarga angle would lead to erroneous results.In an article of this nature it is impossible to take into consideration all the individual charts.Hence the Astrologer should take all the predictions as generic in nature and not announce this to an individual without taking his/her Ashtakavarga chart into consideration.Transit rules are generic in nature.Ashtakavarga system enables correlation of transit results with reference to an individual’s chart.Without Ashtakavarga system,transit rules will only lead to vague conjectures.Only with the help of Ashtakavarga ,an erudite Astrologer can interpret transit results with the support of the natal chart.


General Remedial Measures:

In general, to alleviate the adverse effects of Saturn, the following remedial measures are adopted.

  1. Worshiping Lord Hanuman and reciting Sundara Khand portion of Ramayan.
  2. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa or reciting the Moola mantra of Shani.
  3. Donating sesame oil to temples.
  4. Lighting lamp with Sesame oil at a Shani shrine or at a Shiva temple.
  5. Fasting on Saturdays and feeding the poor on Saturdays.
  6. Feeding crows and donating black clothes.
  7. Chanting of Shani sahasranamam and Dasaratha Shani stotram
  8. Visiting places such as Tirunallar,Thirukollikadu and Shani Singhnapur.

Brahmanda Purana” says that chanting the following sloka can relieve all the ill effects of Saturn. 

“ Suryaputhro Deerghadeho Vishaalaakshah Shivapriyah |

Mandachaarah Prasannathmaa peedam harathu me Shanih ||  

Let Shani Bhagwan – who is the son of Sun-God, having a long body and large eyes, who is a devotee of Lord Shiva and who is of slow gait and who is pure in Spirit- remove all my ills.

Saturday is the most appropriate day for worshipping Lord Shani. Those who have afflicted Saturn in their horoscope should wear Blue Sapphire and light a lamp( with sesame oil ) on Saturdays for propitiating Lord Shani. This would alleviate the adverse effects of Saturn to a great extent.

Favourable influence of Lord Shani will result in good health, success in all endeavours, peace of mind, prosperity and zest for life. Worship of Lord Hanuman is considered a panacea for the evil effects of Shani Dev because Lord Hanuman is said to have rescued Lord Shani from the clutches of the demon-king Ravana.

Visit to Thirunallar is  essential to overcome the adverse transit of Saturn. Here is the procedure: Take a black piece of cloth, some new clothes for doing charity, one coconut, a certain sum of money for donation and another sum of money for charity.

  1. Wash your feet or if possible take bath in Nala Theertham. Leave the black cloth in Nala Theertham.
  1. Break the coconut and worship “Kali Theertha Vinayagar”.
  1. Worship Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva (as Dharbaranyeshwarar) and Lord

Shani Bhagwan. Drop the (initial) sum of money in the Temple Hundi.

  1. To some deserving person, donate new clothes.
  1. If beggars are found, give them money ( the second sum) as charity and old clothes for their use.Those who are affluent can buy new clothes and give them as donation.Please note that donation of torn clothes will only add to our existing balance of sins.
  1. Please note that after visiting Thirunallar, you need to go home directly without visiting anyone’s house or any other temple.

Thirukollikaadu Shani Bhagwan is supposed to be a deity who blesses devotees with abundance. Shani Bhagwan was very upset for he was being held responsible for all the woes of human beings. He prayed to Agneeswarar,( Lord Siva) at Thirukollikaadu after bathing in the Agni theertham. Lord Siva gave him darshan and praised him for being a just planet, meting out justice impartially based on the deeds of human beings. He further pleased Shani Bhagwan by asking him to reside in the temple as Pongu Shani, showering his blessings on devotees.This temple is located in Thirukollikadu near Thiruthuraipoondi in Thiruvarur district in Tamilnadu. Agni Bhagavan is said to have worshipped lord Siva here and hence the name Agneeswarar and the place came to be known as Agnipuri. King Nala who got rid of his Shani dosham at Tirunallar, is said to have got back his wife, children, kingdom and all wealth after worshipping Shani Bhagwan at this temple.A Chola king with heavy Shani dosha finally got relief from his sufferings upon worshipping  Shani Bhagwan at Thirukollikaadu.King Harichandra is also said to have bathed at this place and was finally relieved of his dosha by the grace of Thirukollikadu Shani Bhagwan. The river where he bathed is named after him.

While we are on this discussion, we will take a look at Shani Singhnapur temple, which is located at about 75 miles from Nashik. This place is famous for the fact that there are no locks in any of the houses here and despite this fact, no thefts have been reported. The temple is supported to be one which is “alive” (Jagrat devasthan) where Shani Dev is supposed to punish anyone who attempts to steal. Needless to say, no lock or key is required here when a Super Power like Saturn keeps eternal vigil. Even a public sector bank has opened a “Lockless” branch taking note of the zero-crime rate of this region. The deity here is “Swayambhu” or self-born and is believed to be in existence since the advent of Kali yuga.

Sculpture of Lord Shanidev with Lord Hanuman in Shignapur

Another peculiar feature of this temple is that there is no roof over the deity. Devotees throng this temple on the day of “Shani Amavasya” which occurs when the New Moon day falls on a Saturday. Pilgrims going to Shirdi for having a darshan at the famous Sai Baba temple seldom fail to go to Shani Singhnapur. Shani Singhnapur is considered as a significant place of pilgrimage to ward off the evil effects of Saturn like its southern equivalent, Tirunallar in Tamilnadu.

Astrologers often stress the negative side of Saturn, yet if you want to be ‘friendly’with Saturn, worship him at Kuchanur, 75 kms away from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Kuchanur is a small village and the temple here is exclusively dedicated to the planet Saturn. Generally, in most of the temples, Lord Saneeswara is seen in either among the Navagrahas or in separate small shrine. The small temple is seen on the bank of a flowing river called Surabhi, surrounded by Green paddy fields and Coconut trees. Here, Lord Sani is also called as ‘Kuchanooran’.

The idol here resembles a Lingam, which is considered to be a Swayambu (emerged on its own; self-manifested). The idol is believed to be growing in size over the years.


King Dhinakran of Kalinga remained childless for many years. He prayed to God for a child. A divine-voice informed him that soon a Brahmin boy would visit him and then he would be blessed with a child. In the same manner, the boy came and he was adopted by the King. He was named Chandravadana. The king was also soon blessed with a male child. When the adopted son was crowned, the King was about to start on his very troublesome Sade-sati period. To save his adopted father from the consequences of Sade-sati, Chandravadana sat on a penance in a dense forest, to invoke the blessings of Lord Saneeswara. Moved by his prayers, Lord Sani appeared before him and granted the boon that the King would suffer only for seven and half hours, instead of seven and half years. That place later came to be called as Kuchanur, as Chandravadana built a small temple there for Lord Sani with ‘Kuchu’ grass. Saneeswara had assured Chandravadana that he would not harm those who remain righteous, just and disciplined.

Special poojas and worship are done on Saturday, in the solar month of Cancer (16 July – 17 August). Also the days of Saturn’s transit to the next Zodiac sign are observed with special festivities and poojas.

Procedure for worshipping Lord Saturn at Kuchanur:

Before entering the temple for worship, devotees take oil bath (Keeping a little Gingelly oil on the head) in the Surabhi river and leave the dress in the river (for charity). Taking bath in this running water is said to absolve the sins of previous birth.

  • Feed the crows with cooked rice, mixed with Sesame seeds.
  • Devotees offer clay models of Crow to Lord Sani
  • Light lamps with Gingelly oil.
  • Do charity (especially anna-dhaana) to the poor, sick, handicapped and old people.

Mundane Forecasts:

The Karma-karaka enters the Bhagyasthana of the Kala Purusha Rashi Chakra, which indicates that people will become more religious and give importance to their traditional values. Surge in religious activities is expected. During the year 2017 North East monsoon will be buoyant and there could be about 5 to 6 major cyclones. The Coastal regions of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh would get excess rainfall on account of these cyclones. The governments in these states need to take note of this forecast with caution and be on alert as cyclones tend to form and gather momentum rather rapidly. Reservoirs will be full to the brim and on account of this the water crisis in these rainfall-deficit states would be solved for the time being. Saturn in Moola Nakshathra could cause heavy losses to commodity dealers who deal in perishable items.  Hospitals and high profile socialites will come under scanner for flouting rules and regulations. Arms dealers will attract controversies and face action from Government. Hotels and FMCG merchants will face stringent regulations from government. India’s GDP growth will be around 7.5. Martian aspect on retrograde Saturn could prove to be explosively dangerous for Pakistan. About December 2017, Pakistan will turn extremely volatile and face lots of sanctions. Martian opposition to Saturn on 30th May’2017 will heat up the Syrian War and the US will be exposed to a serious national calamity. On 21st August 2017,  on the day of Total Solar Eclipse, killings and Public protests will erupt in The USA.Saturn is in Mutual Square with Mars on 10th October’2017.This will stimulate seismic activity in several vulnerable zones of the world. Heavy rains will occur in desert areas. Cattle will be affected with new types of diseases. Mars- Jupiter Conjunction in January 2018 will see Major EU countries considering more stringent measures for reining in Russian attacks in Syria.

Sign-wise Forecasts:

ARIES (Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika-1):  

Personal & Domestic:

Saturn who is the 10th and 11th house lord for you moves from 8th to 9th house from your Janma Rashi. This is a period which marks great reduction to your problems, health issues, concerns and troubles,which you have faced in the last 21/2 years. Saturn’s entry in the most powerful trikona will strengthen your spiritual pursuit and you will get more time to focus on that. Better times are ahead as Saturn occupies the Bhagyasthana. Wealth, prosperity and fortunes will improve, gradually though. Being Rajata Moorthi, Saturn’s transit augurs well for Aries natives.

Career & Business:

10th Lord transiting through 9th house will increase opportunities for overseas travel. As he is also the 11th Lord, good gains can also be expected from those opportunities. Long pending promotions, pay- revisions or increments

will materialize. You need to be vigilant when Saturn turns retrograde. As his aspect falls on the 11th house, unexpected gains will accrue and ties with elders in family will improve. He also aspects the 3rd house with his 7th aspect and hence your communication skills will be more effective. 10th aspect falls on 6th where Jupiter is present and hence health will improve a lot. Loans will get settled and lawsuits will get concluded in your favour. You will emerge victorious over enemies.


Students will focus on their studies but still their concentration will be below optimum levels. Time is good to take control over all sorts of emotions and become more composed. You will face opposition at home. Friends will turn indifferent. You will get good guidance from teachers.


Career women will have a tough time balancing their jobs at home and at office, but still they will succeed. Children could become more demanding and obsessed with their priorities. Housewives will get lesser attention from their life partners. General domestic happiness will be missing to some extent.


Mesha rasi (Aries Sign) persons would enjoy enormous gains and benefits by way of additional income .  You will reap unexpected monetary Windfalls.


You are likely to go on a pilgrimage. You will get rid of all the problems, troubles, pain and unnecessary court cases that you have faced so far.Ties with the employers (or) senior level employees will remain uncomfortable


You will get rid of the problems that you have faced in your business and you will get normal profits. Unnecessary confusion will  decrease and happiness will go up.


Health will be good. Your new endeavors will be successful as luck is in your favor.

Vedic Remedies

Read Hanuman Chalisa daily. Recitation of verses from Sundara Khandam would be helpful. Read Shani Chalisa daily.

TAURUS(Krittika-2,3 & 4,Rohini and Mrigasirsha 1& 2):

Personal & Domestic:

Shani who was in Sapthamasthana(7th house) and giving you good luck is going to your Ashthamasthana (8th house) and this is some kind of an alarm bell for you. You will face more obstacles and setbacks. Financial troubles may arise. As things may not work according to your plan, mental stress and tensions will increase. Under Moorthi Nirnaya , Saturn becomes ‘Loha Moorthi’ and hence going may get tough, once tough Saturn gets going! But, Shani being the Yogakaraka for your Janma Rashi, the troubles will get mitigated automatically and the transit doesn’t pose any big threats. In short, a benign judge cannot give you a malicious sentence!

 Career & Business:

Duties are to be performed with more diligence. More work and less appreciation will be on the cards, as Saturn’s 3rd house aspect falls on  Karmasthana (10th house) and 7th aspect falls on the Dhanasthana (2nd house).Avoid any arguments with superiors, as it may backfire. Think twice before lending or taking loans. Those who are in Speculation business need to be extremely careful as Saturn is spoiling the Poorvapunyasthana (5th house) with its 10th aspect. You need to be conservative if you desire that the Income and Expenditure account should be maintained without losses.


Time to apply more concentrated efforts on studies as your hard work in studies will not give results commensurate with the quantum of efforts. Augment your faith in God and do your work whole heartedly. Dreams of higher studies may not materialize for some students. Mental strength may get disturbed and this will result in poor outcomes in exams. Conversion of love affairs into weddings becomes somewhat difficult.


You will face some troubles from Children. Regarding offspring, there may be delays or disappointments. After expensive and stressful treatments, some may be blessed with progeny. There are chances of gains through spouse. Domestic expenses will be more and you need to keep a watch on that carefully.


Rishaba Rasi persons would enjoy wonderful results in their career. Generous flow of money can be expected. Unexpected windfalls and gains from your spouse or his/her relatives is foreseen.


You might face some hindrances in your life. Do not worry and work hard. To overcome the obstacles, visit temples and offer prayers to your favorite deities.


Misunderstandings arise in workplace. It is better to avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments. Take expert opinion and have deep discussions before embarking on any project. You could encounter minor health issues.


Unexpected gains from spouse are foreseen. You should be wary of high expenditure as sudden expenses may make you suffer to a great extent.

Vedic Remedies

Visit to Thirunallar is  essential to overcome the adverse transit of Saturn .Recite hymns in praise of Saturn such as Dasaratha Shani stotram.Recite  Rudram Chamakam and Navagraha suktam.Reciting Pachai Pathigam of Thirugnanasambandar will also prove helpful.Do charity to beggars on a regular basis especially on Saturdays.Donating food on Saturdays will also prove very helpful.

GEMINI (Mrigasirsha 3 & 4, Ardra and Punarvasu 1,2 & 3):

Saturn in the 7th may cause a few troubles to life partner, challenges on the job front, possibility of an overseas travel and a few hiccups on the marriage front. Jupiter’s presence in the 5th ensures domestic harmony, notwithstanding the aspect of Saturn on the 4th.

Personal & Domestic:

Marital harmony could get disturbed. Teenagers having affairs could get setbacks, even though the affair would eventually crystallize into marriage. There could be some hassles related to travel even though there is a strong possibility of an overseas tour due to official commitments. Sustained efforts could lead to success in ventures. Health needs to be preserved carefully in view of Saturn’s aspect on the natal moon,more so as Saturn happens to be Tamra Moorthi.

Career & Business:

Promotions will get postponed. You will get disillusioned on account of lack of appreciation from bosses. Colleagues could give you pinpricks. Businessmen will find the going a bit challenging. Partnership business will flourish .Consensus will elude the partners on key issues. Labour unrest could affect the working of the business.


Students will have lots of distractions to studies. Ties with opposite sex would lead to dissatisfaction. Trips will lead to classes getting missed and as a cascading effect, work will accumulate. Success will come through burning the midnight oil.


Working women will face problems due to health. Work appears stressful due to lack of harmony at home. Girls will get alliances from abroad. Despite friction with husband, in-laws will remain cordial.


You would be witnessing a steep rise in your professional career and there will be improvements in your financial status. You should be very patient while dealing with financial matters. Partnership businesses will fail to take off.


Change of location or promotion is indicated for some. Career prospects for the unemployed will be good.You are also suggested not to indulge in trivial issues that result in arguments.


Avoid being blunt and disrespectful.Be careful in dealing with your co-workers.You might sell off old properties and buy new ones, vehicles and household gadgets.


Love affairs will end in marriage.  Weddings are on the cards for some.Be careful and do not sign any guarantee for loans .

Vedic Remedies

Offer gingelly oil to Shani Temple. Visit Shiva Temple on Mondays and Saturdays. Chant Dasaratha Shani Stotram daily. Every day, during sunset time, chant the following mantra:-

“Neelanjana Samapasam

Raviputram Yamagrajam

Chaya Marthanda Sambhootham

Tham Namami Sanaischaram”

CANCER (Punarvasu 4, Pushya,Ashlesha):

You are about to enter a golden phase in your life. You will become the “Person with Midas Touch” Make hay while the sun shines. All your cherished dreams would meet with success. Remain true to your word. “Fasten your seat belts, get set and go” for a magnificent journey.As Swarna Moorthi,Saturn is ready to take you to great heights,while in your sixth house.

Personal & Domestic:

You will have the courage and strength to go ahead with your plans. You will taste success in all spheres of activity. You would enjoy extraordinarily good health and be in the best of moods. Windfalls are likely. Good news will come to you from every direction. The pace at which good events occur, you will be inclined to doubt whether all this is true or just an illusion. Friends will be a great source of help.

Career & Business:

You will reach dizzy heights in your career. For those who are on the verge of becoming a Managing Director, CEO,  CFO or COO this is the year to watch out. Long pending dues and bills will get realized. You will develop business skills, which will help take your career to greater heights.


Your performance graph will show a sharp spike. You will beget success in CA, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and IIT-JEE. Those who are planning to immigrate to the US will get visas without much of a problem,despite policies of Trump administration. You will get lots of friends through Social media. Despite your best efforts you will not be able to respond to all your e- mails.


You will enjoy domestic bliss and conjugal happiness of a very high order.  Working women will get promotions. You will enjoy the love and affection of your younger brother. A foreign trip will materialize giving you boundless joy and happiness.


Now is the time for realizing victory. Obstacles hindering the progress of many a good thing will vanish, leading to success. Promotions and increased pay are  welcome changes coming into your life. Things will work out in your favor and you will see  unexpected gains.


There would be excellence in all areas of your career. Those in business will prosper l.Outstanding debts will get cleared; ancestral properties and ornaments will now come to you. Health ailments will gradually vanish.


You will be able to see  success in all your efforts. Planned investments will be fruitful. More success can be achieved during this period. Have confidence in your talent and skills. Problems with family and spouse will get resolved.


Students will do exceptionally well and succeed in competitive examinations. Your multi-facted talents will make you popular. Auspicious ceremonies and occasions will take place. You will be showered with the blessings of the Almighty.

Vedic Remedies

What you need to do, is not a remedy as such, but a Pooja which functions as a catalyst and energizes the planets to yield manifold results. Visit Thirukollikadu where Lord Shani is not just a remedy-giver but one who blesses devotees with good fortune. By visiting  Thirukollikadu, you will get the twin blessings of Lord Shani Bhagwan as well as Goddess Mahalakshmi. Recite Kanakhadhara Stotram daily. Offer Til oil to Lord Shiva Temple on Saturdays.

LEO (Magha, Purvaphalguni,Uttaraphalguni 1):

Saturn in the 5th is detrimental to matters connected to love, children and speculation. Hence this is a place in which conservatism rather than adventurism should be the guiding principle. Despite this precaution, your financial assets are pretty well safeguarded by Jupiter’s aspect on your 11th.

Personal & Domestic:

While worries and anxieties would rule the roost, prayers and meditation would calm the mind. You may face lots of obstacles to your ventures. Quarrels would vitiate domestic harmony. Senior citizens in your family should opt for a master check-up. Wedding of your son or daughter would bring cheer to your family. You will recover from an illness. Domestic harmony is vouchsafed for you.

Career & Business:

Work pressure will build up. You may not be in a position to shoulder additional responsibilities. You could get a promotion, thanks to a favorable court judgment.Saturn as Rajata Moorthi will favour you. You may get an award from your company or government. You will gain through partnership business. Speculation will yield only moderate profits. It is an ideal scenario if you can wholly abjure the idea of indulging in speculation. This is an excellent phase for software professionals.


You will do well in competitive examinations. You need to muster courage to come out with flying colours in exams. Love affairs will culminate into weddings.


A testing time lies ahead of you, both at home and at the work place. In terms of opportunities and promotions, you will be lucky. Matters will get unduly delayed. Husband’s job will become a source of concern. There will be no financial hassles.


You would be able to raise your level of savings and investments during this time of your life. For some, luck and fortune is on the cards. Others stand to gain from legacy or inheritance. Generally a profitable period awaits you. Real estate deals will materialize.You will buy  luxury vehicles .


Take expert opinion before embarking on any project.A promotion or pay-hike is just round the corner. Your romantic life will be pleasant and work to your wishes.


Relationship with siblings can be bittersweet. Your superiors will be aware of your talent and skills. There would be excellence in all areas of your career.


Unexpected gains are foreseen. Children might behave in a cranky way.

Vedic Remedies

As Saturn is in Poorvapunya sthana in Gochara, it tends to activate the effects of bad deeds committed in previous births. The best remedy to overcome sins is to chant Rudram-Chamakam daily. Listening to the above mantra will also give excellent results. Those who are ritualistically inclined can do Rudram-Chamakam homam.

VIRGO (Uttaraphalguni 2, 3 & 4, Hastha and Chitra 1 & 2):

Saturn in the 4th is technically called “Ardhashtama Shani”. “Ardha” means half and “Asthama” means eight. So, “Ardhashtama” is half of eight viz, four. Not only is Ardhashtama Shani, a bottleneck as Loha Moorthi, but the presence of this planetary placement throws various challenges and disrupts domestic harmony. Your performance in job largely goes unnoticed due to the aspect of Saturn on your tenth house.  One’s patience and self-esteem is put to litmus test. To some extent, the presence of Rahu in 11, ameliorates the situation.

Personal & Domestic:

Health of parents needs attention and personal care. One’s own health and moods would suffer ups and downs. As Saturn aspects your 6th as lord of 6, in some ways your chronic health problems would abate. Be careful while driving. Your house would need renovation. Health of children would be good.

Career & Business:

You will get a promotion, which is long overdue. You may be transferred to another place, much against your wishes. Change of job or profession appears likely. There will be delay in implementation of projects. A change in job profile is likely.


You may go abroad for higher studies. Some of you who are planning to study in Ivy League colleges may just miss the mark and will have to join other colleges in USA. Romance would turn your attention from studies to outings. Students would end up in good jobs in private sector.


Working women would find the going smooth. They will enjoy the support of their husbands. Promotion is likely. Children tend to become highly cooperative. Joy and an atmosphere of security will prevail in the family.


There will be growth in your financial status. Hard work will turn out to be beneficial. Do not invest more in your business. Careful analysis and deep discussions must be done before negotiating any financial matters.


Confusion and unnecessary tension at work place will prevail. Hard work and constant effort will help you pass through these tough times.


There will be deterioration in mother’s health. Take precautions for safe travel.


Do not share confidential matters with others.  Take decisions after thorough discussion and thinking. Long distance travel is on the cards. You might get the opportunity for buying new land, house  and vehicles.

Vedic Remedies

Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. Visit Shaneeshwara Temple at Madanapalle ( near Rajahmundry)Wear Blue Sapphire to overcome negative effects of Saturn. Please consult a family Astrologer before doing so as some individuals may not be benefitted by Blue Sapphire as much as they are by another lucky Gem.

LIBRA (Chitra 3 & 4, Swati and Vishaka 1,2 & 3):

Dame luck is now ready to smile on you. The storm has crossed the coast meaning your Sade Sathi is over. You will not only bring luck to yourself but also to all those around you. So, relax and enjoy, the world is at your feet.

Personal & Domestic:

Your status in society will go up. Purchase of a car or house is indicated. Family members would be very helpful. Long pending trips would materialize. Chances of you, going on a pilgrimage are likely. You will spend more time on spiritual sadhana.

Career & Business:

You will regain what you have lost in your earlier years. You will get new ideas, by implementing which you will be very successful. Benign expenditure on account of birth of child could arise. Your investments will remain productive. Enemies will turn into friends. You will enjoy the support of your seniors. Some of you could resign your jobs and turn into consultants.


Your efforts will intensify. You will come out with flying colours in competitive examinations. Some of you will become school toppers. Those of you who are into sports will do well in Inter-Collegiate tournaments. This is a favourable time to learn music, instrumentals, Bharatha Natyam and participate in extracurricular activities. You will regain touch with your friends through social media.


You will do well in your career. Home makers will get full support from Husbands and children. You will participate in social get togethers. You may go out on a pleasure tour with your family. Your parents will be a constant source of support and inspiration for you.


Monetary improvements are on your way. All monetary problems fade and chances of improvement are as desired. Gains from speculative business can be achieved.


You will succeed in your new schemes and your attention to learning new matters will increase.Children will succeed in academics. Joyful events will keep happening frequently in your family, mostly due to your children.


Delayed events will start re-surging in your life.  You will succeed in your new schemes .Auspicious occasions will take place. Childless couples will be blessed with children.


You will see your troubles melting away and your heart will feel uplifted with some unknown joy.You will succeed in your plans.Happy events will happen in your family.

Vedic Remedies

Chant “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times daily.

SCORPIO (Vishaka 4, Anuradha and Jyeshta):

Having patiently withstood the onslaught by Saturn for the last five years, you have now entered the last lap of sade sathi. Exercise patience, Be calm for the next two- and-a- half –years and be free of Saturn for the next twenty two years. There is a perception among astrologers that Saturn while leaving a sign would bless the native, whereas textbooks on astrology, say that Sun and Mars, in their initial phase, Venus and Jupiter in the middle, Moon and Saturn in the end would give their effects. As the saying goes in cricket, “No game is over till the last ball is bowled”. Those who are running a favourable dasha would see good results.As Rajata Moorthi ,Saturn is sure to give good results.

Personal & Domestic:

Your speech could lead you into troubles. Don’t stand surety for others or give loans or give collateral security, unless you know the borrower personally. Domestic harmony might get disturbed by plenty of quarrels. Those with eye problems should get themselves tested by a good ophthalmologist for cataract.

Career & Business:

This could be a challenging phase in your career. Promotions would come with great difficulty. Salary will not meet your expectations. Domestic commitments make it difficult for you to travel on holiday. Speculations may not yield profits.


You will become somewhat lazy and this could hurt your performance. Whatever you study, you will tend to forget on the day of examination. Those planning to go abroad for higher studies will meet with stumbling blocks.


Work pressure at office and lack of domestic support will give you stress. Chronic gynecological problems would resurface. Children would be a source of worry.


You would enjoy enormous gains and benefits by way of additional income .This year, your expenditure and income will remain equal. You may get desired success in financial matters. You will spend money on some auspicious work.


Suggestion of an experienced person might be helpful in investing money at the right place.You will pay off your debts gradually.


Progress in personal and professional life is expected. You will travel frequently.


It’s a golden time to invest and make gains. There will be an unexpected change of job or promotion.

Vedic Remedies

Paying a visit to Tirumala and offering worship to Lord Balaji would be useful. Two temples nearby, namely, Varahaswamy Temple and Thiruchnoor Padmavathy Temple need to be visited.

SAGITTARIUS (Moola, Poorvashada and Uttarashada 1):

You are now directly into the influence of Janma shani. Danger from poison, imprisonment, danger from fire, misery, loss of wealth, aimless wandering in foreign lands, are said to be the effects of Janma Shani according to textbooks. I, for one would be to differ and say that if in your natal chart, Saturn gets 4 or more bindus in your Moon- Sign in the BAV chart, Saturn will give good efforts only. Further Jupiter will be in Libra from the last quarter of 2017 till the initial part of 2018. Jupiter in the 11th house will yield very good results.  Those who are running auspicious dashas and buktis would find Saturn’s impact to be minimal. Last but not the least,Saturn is Swarna Moorthi for your rasi,which is good.Merely commenting on Saturn’s transit to come out with doomsday predictions would nullify the spirit of Astrology.

Personal & Domestic:

Problems will crop up from all fronts; fear of failure looms large. Health and expenditure will be areas of concern. It is advisable to have home food most of the time. Consumption of Coffee, tea, alcohol and processed foods should be reduced to the barest minimum possible. Staying awake at night is not recommended. Court cases would go against you. Funds will become scarce and opportunity for earning money will decline.

Career & Business:

Promotions are likely to get delayed. There will be stagnation in career. Job satisfaction will not be there. If you resign you will not get another job immediately. Transfers and postings appear likely to undesirable places. New projects will get delayed. Speculations will yield losses. Overall this is a period of stagnation in career


Romance is on the cards but that could lead to disappointment. Students will get affected by distractions. There could be problems in the campus with other students.


You will undergo mood swings. Problems with opposite sex appear to be likely. Efforts will go unrewarded. Bosses will turn hostile and unappreciative. Travel will become weary and time consuming.


You may have to face some financial problems.Stay cautious while negotiating financial matters. In order to maintain a balance in the financial matters, you will have to increase your efforts.


You may get financial benefits through an influential person or a senior official. Your involvement in spiritual affairs will increase.


Influential people or family members will help financially. Frequent health problems may occur. You will have lot of challenges in your career .


Unnecessary tensions arise. Try to maintain a balance between family and work.Don’t stress yourself and keep yourself away from unimportant things. Monetary benefits will acrrue.

Vedic Remedies

Read Hanuman Chalisa daily. Recite Shani Chalisa on Saturdays. Visit Shani Temple at Shani Singanapur. Observe Shani Pradosam vrat.

CAPRICORN (Uttarashada 2, 3 & 4, Sravana and Dhanishta 1,2):

Saturn gives unwanted expenditure while in 12,especially as Loha moorthi. What makes the situation critical is the advent of Sade sathi coupled with the presence of Ketu in Janma Rasi and Jupiter in10. All the major slow moving planets are unfavourably placed. This is the time when you should introspect more, meditate more and act without haste. Patience is the need of the hour.

Personal & Domestic:

Your fortunes ted to dip. Expenditure would take a toll on scarce resources. Loan repayments become a matter of concern. You need to take extra care of your health. Relatives become a source of expenditure. Overall this is the period when you tend to live without much satisfaction.

Career & Business:

Promotions tend to get delayed or postponed. Allegation of fraud and misappropriation could be leveled against you. Those working in banks and other financial institutions should be careful particularly in decision making. Foreign postings will elude you.


Concentration will get disturbed. You will spend more time with your friends and will indulge in gossip and merry making. Chances of falling for vices are very high. You will spend more money recklessly on outings with the opposite sex. Those driving two wheelers should avoid rash driving.


You will be overworking both at home and at office. You will cease to be punctual and will mostly be late to office. You will be victimized for no fault of yours. Foreign based grooms will keep you on tenterhooks, if you are looking for an alliance. Relationship with immediate relatives will become a source of concern.


You will accomplish your works and make them your source of income.Be vigilant in your monetary transactions.Though your income will increase, your expenses will increase manifold.


Work stress will increase. You might have to face unwanted competition and resentment in your job.


Chances of travelling abroad are high.Mother’s health issues should be taken care.Financial stability will be achieved.


You might face lots of trouble and upheaval with respect to your ancestral properties.Your co-workers might cause some problems for you.

Vedic Remedies

Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam every day. Pay a visit to Sri Krishna Temple at Guruvayur and Lord Shiva Temple at Mammiyoor. Chant Shani Sahasranamam on Saturdays. Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi at around sunset time on Fridays to curb unwanted expenditure. Feed the poor, help the needy, give donation to destitute homes and support Shiva Temples as much as possible.

AQUARIUS (Dhanishta 3 & 4, Sathabhishak and Poorvabhadrapadha 1,2 & 3):

You are now on the verge of a golden phase in your life. The two major planets which influence you   in a big way viz, Jupiter and Saturn( as Swarna Moorthi)  are ready to shower their blessings upon you in abundance. Enemies beware! Rahu in 6 is going to eliminate debts, diseases and enemies. If your Dasha and Bhukhi are also favourable, then you are going to experience paradise on earth. Success in career, inflow of money in abundance, celebrations in family, birth of children and domestic harmony are all indicated. You could be travelling on an eagerly awaited long- overdue holiday trip.

Personal & Domestic:

You will taste success on all fronts. Problems will disappear all of a sudden. Chances of purchasing a house or a vehicle are there in your chart. Eligible bachelors and spinsters will find an excellent match. Wedding bells ring for those who are into an affair with a fiancé or fiancée of their choice. Children will get aid from foreign universities. You will participate in social events and public occasions.

Career & Business:

Pay hike is on the cards. Your subordinates will give you their whole-hearted support and cooperation. Your popularity graph will grow to hit an all- time high. Fame and recognition are on their way.


You will have an enjoyable time at school or college. You will come out with flying colours in examinations. You will participate in college events, sports meets, alumni meets and other extracurricular activities. You will get to become the pupil leader at the school or college.


You will get cooperation from everyone. You will get the love and affection of your husband and children. Your daughter will be a pillar of support for you. You will get to work for a women’s organization.


Financial gains and windfall gains are expected. Ancestral properties and inheritance will add to your wealth.


Doubts should be discarded and hard work will pave the way for success. You will get rid of health related issues.


Career and Professional development are  expected. Children will succeed in academics. Joyous events will keep happening frequently in your family, mostly due to your children.


Hurdles and setbacks will now pave the way for success. There will be progress in professional front. A spiritual trip is likely to happen.

Vedic Remedies

Offer prayers to Lord Shiva on Mondays and Lord Shani on Saturdays. Offer betel leaf garland to Lord Hanuman on Mangalvaar (Tuesdays). Worship Lord Vishnu and chant the Taraka Mantra of Sri Ramachandra Moorthy

PISCES (Poorvabhadrapadha 4, Uttarabhadrapadha and Revathi):

Saturn moves from your 9th to 10th, where he occupies the house of Jupiter. As Saturn is your 11th lord, fruits of your labour will be bestowed upon you. For those who have been investing their time and energy for the last 2-3 years, this is the golden period to reap the harvest. Your name and fame will swell and whatever bad impact Saturn had in the 9th will get obliterated. An international opportunity to relocate to a new country either for stay or for a job will arise and you are advised to grab that opportunity. Problems relating to sleep will get resolved. For those into affairs this is the time to tie the wedding knot. For those, whose dasas and Buktis are favourable, this is the period, when the wind is blowing strongly in your favour.

Personal & Domestic:

Relationship with spouse looks to be good. Your financial strength will improve. You could get the financial support of your wife’s family. Tricky issues at home get resolved. A long awaited overseas trip would materialize.

Career & Business:

The target set for you by your bosses appears to be stiff, if not impossible. While you will get the mandate for implementation, your bosses will get the credit for its success! New projects will be undertaken by you. You will get the unwavering support from your friends and subordinates.


Students will tend to while away their valuable time rather than focus on studies. Relationship with the opposite sex will prove to be dramatic with innumerable twists and turns. This phase is not conducive for study overseas.


Marital discord and other unpleasant conditions will prevail at home. Funds tend to be wasted on dresses and ornaments. Children will become a source of wasteful expenditure. Weddings will get postponed. Remember Saturn is Tamra Moorthi!


There will be beneficial financial results with expected success coming up.You will notice a substantial increase in your earnings. Sale or renovation of ancestral property can happen. You might get the opportunity for buying new land, house, and vehicles.


You will be challenged in workplace.It is better to avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments with seniors.


Travel is likely through work. Spouse will need to take care of health.


Promotions and increased pay are much welcome changes coming into your life. There will be deterioration in mother’s health. Avoid unnecessary talks and gossip.

Vedic Remedies

Worship Lord Saturn on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Donate food on Saturdays. Recite Shani Sahasranamam on Saturday evenings. Chant Swayamvara Parvati Stotra daily.

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