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In this article we will discuss salient features of Punarvasu Star. The First three Padas of Punarvasu Star fall in Gemini while the fourth pada falls in Cancer. When Moon is in Punarvasu in Cancer, it will be Vargottama, so also is the case when it is in the third


The first cycle of nine stars commences from Ashwini and ends with Ashlesha. The second cycle commences from Makha and ends with Jyeshta. In this article we will dwell on the intricacies of Makha Star. According to Kala Vidhana, “Should the birth star of either the bride or the groom


This is a star which favours expansion or development. It also stands for peace. It stands as a significator for the following:- (1) Writer (2) Dyer (3) Gemmologist (4) Singer (5) Maker of perfumes (6) Mathematician (7) Weaver (8) Eye specialist (9) Grains The first two quarters of Chitra fall


The presiding deity of Bharani is Yama. The Vedas say that Yama, when propitiated, could bestow Moksha. Yama is the custodian of Dharma. All living beings, after birth experience different effects, but the journey ends in death. Paramatma is the supreme soul of which the Jivatma is a fraction; in


All constellations form part of the zodiac. In astrology, this band is divided into 12 equal parts called signs, each 30° wide. The Vedic constellations have a spiritual purpose in the cosmos. They constitute the repository of our Karma. Our ancestors believed that our souls travelled to stars after death.