Neel made a few predictions for us that turned out to be true:

The first was about my job. Me and my husband were married for two years and were in two different places due to work commitments. It was something both of us were not relishing.
Neel predicted that I will be able to find a job at my husband’s place by April 2017 and likewise I found a job in March 2017.

The other prediction was that I would continue studying and I am currently pursuing a course at Harvard Business School.

The third prediction was about conceiving a child. When I reached out to him,  we were at the lowest point in our lives as our first attempt to conceive through IVF failed. Neel predicted that it would work the second time. True to his words we conceived within a week’s time.He not only predicted but also suggested remedies to make this happen.

I would strongly recommend Neel to anybody who have faith and belief in astrology. He is beyond an astrologer- a well wisher as well. I am an ardent reader of all his astrology related articles on his website.

Looking forward to many more to come!!

Best regards