Reto Meister

Dear Neelu,

I’m getting back in touch after finally having managed to establish contact with Gudrun and Nicholas Lewis-Schellenbeck from the Astrovedic Academy here in Europe.
As a matter of fact, this evening I assisted at a presentation Ms Gudrun gave at my yoga center and asked her at the end, whether she would be interested in eventually establishing contact with you, an Indian astrologer who did his thesis on Medical Astrology.
Ms Gudrun and her husband Nicholas (himself a specialist in medical astrology) agreed. I therefore share your email addresses and web-sites and leave it your respective hands from here on.
Neelu, I am still under the spell of my trip to Tamil Nadu and have the firm intention to revisit India in not too far a future. Let me thank you once more for having opened a window for me to look into Vedic traditions.
In the hope that everything is fine with you, I send warm greetings, also to your family,
Reto Meister