Sourav Ghosh

I have gone though your article on Retrograde planets in Modern Astrology and have really been influenced by your elaborate explanation like you do every time. I have really been touched by your writing and deeply pleased to see your sea of knowledge, allurement of writing with full of affectation and spiritualism.

As you predicted a few months back regarding my job, has happened likewise. As you had predicted that I would definitely get a break through on my endeavor of getting a job in Banking sector, it has seriously taken place. My name has finally come in the final list of selection of Bank of Baroda, Gramen Bank, and my posting will be in Ajmer, Rajasthan as Office Executive.

I am regularly chanting Ekadasha Mukha Hanuman Kavacham as your remedy and I really feel the blessing of God. I really thank you from the core of my heart. You truly deserve wholehearted thanks and pranam from my end.

I am really fortunate and thankful to God that I have been in touch with such a holy person like you since long.

Sourav GhoshCalcutta