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PREDICTION OF AFFLUENCE FROM BIRTH CHART The Biblical dictum is “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to attain the Kingdom Of God”. (Mathew : 19:23-24) So do scriptures prohibit accumulation of wealth? WHAT DO THE Vedas and


Birth of children is essential part of a vedic life. While other traditions view childbirth merely as an offshoot of marriage, Vedic traditions advocate continuation of lineage as a sacred duty of every human being. During the gestation period of an expectant mother, “Sundara Khandam” of Ramayana is still recited

Astrology & Planetary Combinations

In our earlier we discussed in detail, the logical approach towards planetary combinations. In this dissertation we will try to understand the inner significance of certain planetary combinations. Combinations come under special rules of Astrology and as such can run counter to general rules. For instance Hydrogen is inflammable; so

Astrology & Marriage

“Marriages are made in heaven” – so goes an English adage. This adage really means that the life partner one gets in this life is decided by cosmic forces. And what better cosmic force can we conjecture than planetary vibrations in deciding the spouse of a person? The 7th house