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Predicting Profession from Birth Charts

By Dr. E.S. Neelakantan

An interesting area which has far reaching consequences in Astrology is the Tenth house, which mainly deals with the karma of an individual.

The Tenth house has to be examined in detail for delineating the prospects in relation to one’s profession or business or career. By the doctrine of Bhavat bhavam, the 7th house (being 10th from 10th) assumes significance. One’s career will flourish if there is a strong link between the 7th and 10th houses or its lords. If the link between 7th and 10th is absent or if the 10th house stands vitiated by the occurrence of Kendradipathya dosha or if the lords of evil houses (6, 8 or 12) influence the 10th bhava, then  obstacles to career can be predicted.

Fiery signs lend vitality to only horoscope. One becomes a surgeon or a soldier or excels in any other job which involves an element of courage if fiery signs influence the Career house. Earthy signs lend stability and in general are good for materialistic pursuits. Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Real Estate, Timber Business, Mining, Geology and Trading can all be done successfully by a native in whose chart Earthy signs dominate over the 10th house.

Airy signs are intellectual in nature. Consultancy Services, Aviation, Music, Scientific Research and all such intellectual pursuits are all indicated when airy signs are dominant. By implication Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Astrologers need good planets in airy signs. When Watery signs are dominant, one takes to Marine Engineering, Wine Business, Selling Water, Service of supply of Water through trucks, Merchant Navy, Fishing and such other activities which are water related. A career in Navy is indicated when fiery planets influences watery signs. On the other hand, fiery planets influencing airy signs leads to a career in Air Force, while fiery planets influencing Earthy signs leads to a career in Army. For Military personnel, the Sun and Mars ought to be strong.

The Executive ability of a person will be tremendous, when the Sun is in conjunction with the Moon. The Sun – Mars conjunction or the Venus – Mars conjunction could lead to a career in Medicine. The Sun – Venus conjunction is good for law. One will certainly overcome his opponents in career if Saturn – Mars conjunction is present in a horoscope. In order to join government service, one needs a strong Sun( Sun denotes government) If Sun occupies the 8th from Saturn, one may not get a government posting.

To become proficient in Astrology, there are three important rules ,one of which has to be necessarily fulfilled (1) Sun in Gemini (2) Moon in Cancer (3) Mercury in Virgo aspected by Moon. There are many other rules to indicate proficiency in Astrology but in brief, one can say that a career in Astrology is a viable option if both Mercury and Jupiter are strong and also happen to influence the 10th house. Ketu in 12 can also give proficiency in Astrology. Jupiter in Lagna 2,5,9 or 10 can also make one a good Astrologer.

One follows the profession carried on by his father if 10th lord occupies the 9th house. If the 10th lord occupies 5th house, one carries on the profession of one’s grand father. One follows his mother’s footsteps in career if 10th lord is in 4. The 6th house denotes service. If lord of 10 is in 6, one will become an employee. If the lord of 10 is strong or if the lord of 7 is connected to the 10th house, then one becomes an employer. An employee resigns his job, starts his own business and runs it successfully if lagna lord as well as the 9th lord are strong and lord of 7 influences the karmasthana.

Saturn in 10 takes a person to dizzy heights and having reached the top ,the chartholder is ousted unceremoniously. The rationale behind this rule is that Saturn gets digbala in the 10th and in general all malefics in kendras do well. But the karakatwa of Saturn involves “grief” or “misery” and this gives Saturn the propensity to dethrone kings and rulers when they are on top. The Dasa of Mercury gives rise to a position of prominence and also untimely death in the case of a person born in Sagittarius Ascendant when Mercury is in own house.

A person will be unemployed and also penniless till the age of 28, when Saturn joins Ketu. A person born with the lord of 10 in 7, will undergo hardship due to transfer away from one’s home town especially when the dasa of the above mentioned lord is in operation.

Usually a person will be a vagabond, when the lord of 10 is in 12. The Lord of 12 in 10 can at times bring one’s career to an abrupt halt. When the lord of lagna is stronger than the 7th lord, then one will get a job in one’s hometown.

Here are a few observations of mine when we are on the subject of discussing settlement abroad. When the lord of 7 is stronger than the lord of lagna, one will settle down abroad by getting a job in an overseas country. When Venus is powerfully placed, one will go abroad and get a job there. One will settle down in Middle East, when Rahu influences the 10th house in a strong way. When Venus and the 4thhouse are strong, one will settle down in Canada, Australia, New Zealand or in any one of the Baltic Countries. Of course, my abovementioned views are based on knowledge garnered from textbooks supported by practical experience.

When Venus is strong and influences the 10th too, one takes to Fine Arts or Films as career. In the case of actresses, a strong Venus or conjunction of Venus with Rahu is good . Venus in lagna or 10th also gives a career in movies. Cinema is just an illusion; so, Rahu is important for success in the movie line. Rahu, Venus and the 10th lord are to be assessed carefully to judge success in the movie line. One becomes a successful music director if the 3rd house is strong and is also influenced by benefics or strong planets. The 3rd house, apart from music also rules over communication skills. A good 3rd house can also make one a Software engineer. The Internet which can easily said to be the biggest breakthrough in transfer of information and communication plays a very important role in the life of a software engineer. Twitter, Facebook, E-Mail and WhatsApp are all tools which serve to disseminate news across continents in the wink of an eye. For proficiency in communication skills, a strong 3rd house is essential. The planets Mars and Mercury play a vital role in making a person into a software engineer.

According to Amrtabindu Upanishad, “Mind is the cause for both bondage and liberation”. A strong Mind solves problems while a weak Mind creates problems. Each of us is born with a different mindset. Imagine an organisation which employs, say, 3000 people. How do you expect all of them to share the same goal and carry with them the same vision, which the company carries? Therein, lies the role of the HR Director. Nowadays Human Resource Management is the key to success in the Corporate World. A Strong Moon well placed aspected by benefics and related to the 10th house will make one successful in HR Management.

There is a saying “A good teacher does not teach – he inspires you to learn”. Needless to say, the word “Guru” meaning “teacher” can also mean the planet Jupiter, the preceptor of the Devas. According to the Taittiriya Upanishad, one should learn and also not fail to impart knowledge to others. A well placed Jupiter makes one a good teacher. It also means one can be a Professor in a college or even a Dean or a Principal of a college.

Chapter XIV of Brihat Jataka mentions certain specific two-planet conjunctions which influence the career of a person. In this context, I would like to mention that the choice of profession prevalent in the times of King Varahamihira differ vastly from today’s world. Nevertheless, I would like to explain how to interpret the rules in Brihat Jataka to suit modern day requirements. For instance, Sun with Moon, makes a person skilled in machinery and masonry. In today’s world one can be an Interior decorator, Architect or Aeronautical engineer for which I will briefly explain the reason. The “Machines” mentioned by Varahamihira are just basic tools. Those days there was no electricity. So, how can a machine run without Power?

If you have seen the Brihadeeswarar temple in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, you will notice that even with latest technology, it is difficult to build such an edifice but according to history, this temple was built by the Chola king, Raja Raja Chola I in the period 1003-1010 A.D. Needless to say this edifice could only have been constructed using machinery of ancient times by masons. Such a task if it were to be undertaken today would require architects, engineers, Contractors, labourers and supervisors. So, the point I wish to stress here is that we need to imbibe the essence of the rules codified by Varahamihira and apply them in our analysis to the professional roles which are in vogue today and thereby interpret the ancient rules to suit modern times.

When the Sun joins Moon, one will be skilled in machinery and masonry. One will become a doctor if Sun joins Mars or Mars conjoins Venus. Here the point we need to understand is that Venus rules over Fine Arts and also Literature and Scriptures. Depending upon the sign and the sign lord where the Sun-Venus yoga occurs, one needs to give the correct interpretation. One will be skilful in earthenware, when Sun joins Saturn. One becomes a dealer in counterfeit items when Moon joins Mars. It also gives a propensity to indulge in illegal and immoral activities. Moon with Mercury makes one a humorist or a person renowned for his knowledge. When Mars joins Mercury, one will be a dealer in roots, oils and imitation articles. One can even become a boxer by virtue of the Mars – Mercury conjunction. One becomes the ruler of a city or a rich brahmin when Mars conjoins Jupiter (Guru Mangala Yoga). Mars with Venus makes one a wrestler, gambler or a doctor. One appears on the stage constantly when Mercury conjoins Jupiter. One will be fond of music and dance when Mercury joins Venus. Jupiter with Saturn makes one a barber, a potter or a cook. Artistic abilities and painting skills are given rise to when Venus conjoins Saturn. As mentioned earlier, these rules culled out from Varahamihiras’s Brihat Jataka can only be turned as astrological clues through which an intelligent Astrologer has to deduce the correct profession through his own analytical skills.

Further clues to profession can be found in Chapter X of Brihat Jataka. The emphasis here is on the Navamsa sign dispositor of the Tenth lord. Scents, gold, wool, medicines, so on and so forth are the commodities through which a person earns income if the tenth lord’s navamsa sign dispositor is the Sun. Mars indicates income from Minerals, weapons or through the activities in a kitchen. Moon denotes corals, pearls, shells and agriculture commodities. Mercury denotes a writer, painter, sculptor, poet, architect, mathematician or a journalist. One gets money through priests, educated classes, temples, charities or through astrology if the concerned planet is Jupiter. Saturn denotes wealth through labour or earnings through the job of a hangman, porter or through such trades which go against family traditions. Students of astrology can gauge the Profession of a person by an intelligent reading of Chapter X and Chapter XIV of Varahamihira’s Brihat Jataka.

Venus denotes money through gems, silver, cows, buffaloes etc., Generally engineers are denoted by the signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and Capricorn. Houses 1,8 and 10 denote engineering. Strong Mars related to Mercury denotes engineering. One becomes a Marine engineer if 8th lord occupies the 5th house. Mars related to the 9th house or its lord denotes engineering. Mercury in own house in a Martian constellation denotes engineering. The relevant houses 1,8 and 10 if connected to Mars, Mercury and Saturn denote engineering.

The following combinations can make one a doctor (1) Lord of 10 and 8 mutually related (2) the Ascendant, 10th lord or occupant of 10th in Ashwini or Sadabhishek star (3) Sun and Moon in 10 or related to the 10th house (4) Rahu and Mercury conjoined in navamsa (5) Ketu in 10th from moon; Ketu in 10th from lagna or Moon while Moon is in a navamsa of Mars.

Trader:To become a successful trader the following combinations are needed. Even if one of them is present, one will do well in business.

  • 10th lord is with a benefic
  • 3rd lord in 11
  • 2nd lord in 11

Advocate: (1) Jupiter in own house, 2 or 11 or in quadrant to Moon. (2) Mars and Jupiter well placed in quadrant or trine and mutually related. (3) The 2nd lord rendered strong and related to Mercury. Let us now recapitulate the fact that every Judge is an advocate but not every Advocate becomes a Judge. To become a Judge, (1) the Sun should be strong and (2) the lord of 5 should occupy its own house.  According to Jathaka Sara deepa, one becomes a fashion designer, if Mars and Venus are conjunct in the 10th (Chapter 48, verse 19).

A few astrological considerations exist for specific lines of education and here we will take a look at those rules. One becomes proficient in music if Venus is in 4. If Mercury is in 4 one becomes proficient in astrology. If Sun and Mercury occupy 2nd, one becomes proficient in Astrology. However, if the Sun-Mercury combination is aspected by Saturn, one becomes a mathematician. One becomes proficient in Tarka sastra (logic), if Sun and Mars are in the 2nd. One becomes a philosopher if Sun, Mercury and Saturn occupy the 5th. If Sun and Mercury occupy the 11th (or a quadrant or a trine) one becomes a mathematician. If Venus occupies 2nd, one becomes a poet. If Jupiter occupies 2nd, one becomes proficient in Vedas. If Mars occupies 2nd, one becomes a logician. If Rahu occupies 5th, one becomes an expert in understanding the inner meaning of things.These rules can be found in the exemplary work,Bhavartha Ratnakara of Ramanujacharya.

The Sun governs political science, Ayurvedic medicines, statistics, mathematics and actuarial science. The Moon rules over Chemistry and environmental science. Mars rules over mechanical engineering, real estate, civil engineering and electronics. Mercury rules over Astrology, Accountancy and Journalism (while Mercury governs Accountants, Jupiter rules over Chartered Accountants). Jupiter rules over finance, banking, management and law. Wherever we speak of studies or education, we need to assess the role of Mercury; wherever we speak of knowledge and enlightenment, we need to look at Jupiter. The power of analysis is ruled by Mercury whereas judgmental capacity and power of comprehension is ruled by Jupiter. In association with Ketu, Jupiter rules over biotechnology and zoology.

Venus rules over Music, Fine Arts, Dance, Painting, Hotel management, Fashion Designing, Tourism, Architecture, Interior decoration, Photography, Computer graphics, Animation, Botany and Horticulture. (In general Jupiter denotes Management whereas Venus rules over Hotel Management) Archaeology, Geography, History and Geology are ruled by Saturn. Rahu rules over Aviation, jobs that are held by a pilot or an Airhostess, Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering. Ketu rules over linguistics, Meteorology, Computer Programming and foreign languages. In association with Jupiter it rules over microbiology.

If Jupiter is strong, linked to houses 2 and 11 and signifies 10, then the person will become an Investment banker. If the lord of 10 is weaker than the lord of 11, then one will gain money even with little effort. If the lord of 11 is weaker than the 10th lord, one needs to put in greater efforts to gain an income. However in both the above cases, one has to simultaneously assess the power of the 9th house, which rules over luck in general.

From the position of Saturn in different signs one can infer the kind of profession one is likely to be in. Saturn in Aries favours engineering. One can trade in luxury items or become a jeweller or a textile merchant if Saturn occupies Taurus. Jobs which require an intellectual disposition, commercial transactions and business enterprises are favoured if Saturn occupies Gemini. Maritime activities, operating tours and cargo transportation are all favoured when Saturn occupies Cancer.

Jobs connected to government and administrative jobs are favoured when Saturn occupies Leo. Proficiency in subjects such as Accountancy, Economics and Commerce will be there if Saturn is in Virgo. Career in banks and trading in fashionable goods is indicated in a person’s life if Saturn occupies Libra. Mines, minerals and agriculture and favoured if Saturn occupies Scorpio. Timber and forest related activities are favoured if Saturn is in Sagittarius. Service related activities are favoured if Saturn is in Capricorn. One born with Saturn in Aquarius will be independent and will have an independent bent of mind. Consequently, they will be self-employed. A person will have a saintly disposition and be a good administrator if Saturn occupies Pisces.

One becomes a magician if Moon is connected to Neptune. Moon, Mercury and Mars influencing the 10th makes one a marine Marine engineer.  Moon, Mars, Venus and Saturn influencing 10th makes one a builder or a contractor. If 10th is influenced by Mercury and Jupiter, one will be a publisher of Calendars. Moon and Mercury rule over clearing agents. When Mercury and Jupiter influence the 2nd, one becomes an Advocate, while Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, similarly placed make one a Public Prosecutor. Houses 2,3 and the planets Mercury and Jupiter rule over banks. A Strong Mars makes one a Statutory Auditor having his own practice. Mars, Venus and Mercury influencing the 10th make one an architect or an interior decorator. Mars with Venus rules over confectioners. Mars, Venus and Moon rule over Hotels and Cooks. Mars with Venus rules over Soaps. Printing Press is ruled by Mars and Mercury. If Jupiter, Venus and Sun influence the 10th one becomes an Accountant in a Hospital.

Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Sun rule over Ayurvedic Medicines. Saturn, Venus and Mars rule over Air conditioners. One gains through insurance if Saturn and Mercury influence the 8th and 10th houses. Venus, Moon and Mercury rule over cinema industry. Placement of Mercury and Jupiter in 4, 5 or 10 leads to a career in banks.

Lets us look at a few charts to ascertain how planets rule over choice of Profession.

Chart 1 belongs to a girl, who became a doctor recently passing the MBBS Examination. In her Chart Ketu occupies the 10th from Moon, forming a conjunction with 6th lord Jupiter (who in turn aspects the 6th house). In the D-10 Chart, Saturn as lord of 10th is in Virgo ,the 6th, which in the Natural Zodiac too, rules over the 6th. So, the 6th house which rules over diseases, gains prominence and influences the 10th giving rise to a career in Medicine.

Chart 2 belongs to a lady Advocate. As discussed earlier, the Sun –Venus yoga is good for law. Both Mercury and Jupiter, which have a major influence on legal profession, are both exalted.

Chart 3 belongs to a Management graduate from Indian School of Business, who is occupying a top post in a leading software company in India. In his chart the key planet for Management, Jupiter is also the lagna-cum-10th lord and by occupying the 2nd, aspects the 10th. This has given rise to a healthy growth in career in the Management field.

The next couple of Charts, I propose to discuss are both international celebrities, one in the military field and the other in the field of sports.

Chart 4 belongs to Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington) who is credited with having led the army successfully in two important wars, namely the Fourth Anglo Saxon War in 1799 and the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. In his chart Sun as lord of 9 is exalted and forms a Raja yoga by joining Mercury as lord of 10.Lagna lord in 11 is quite well placed while the lord of 6 in own house gives rise to Harsha Yoga. The yoga of Mars, Saturn and Ketu in 7 with Saturn as lord of 3 and Mars as lord of 5 gave him the courage and intelligence to organise the strategy required to fight these tough wars. He defeated Tipu Sultan in the Battle of Srirangapatnam in 1799 and Napolean in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.This chart is an excellent illustration of a person endowed with tremendous Military and Political powers.

Chart 5 belongs to the two-time Wimbledon champion and one of the All-Time Greats in the annals of Men’s tennis, Jimmy Connors. Both the fiery planets Mars and Sun occupy their own signs, which made Connors a celebrity in the sports field. Mars is lord of 11 from Moon, while Sun is lord of 11 from lagna; so, success came automatically to Connors.

With these words, I would like to hand over the baton to the reader to assimilate the principles discussed in this article and apply them in the charts they happen to analyse so as to decipher how planets influence choice of profession. This would be an added weapon in the ammunition available with Career Counsellors to guide their clients.

I thank Shri Bangalore Niranjan Babu and Shri  Raman Suprajarama for giving me this opportunity to share my views, in this, the prestigious Raman Memorial Number 2019 . I wish all members of the Raman family and readers of Astrological eMagazine a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019.

May the blessings and support of Goddess Gayatri be with us all in guiding us in the right direction in the forthcoming year and be the beacon light for us in all our endeavours !


Chart 1

Chart 2

Chart 3

Chart 4

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