Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926 in Mayfair, UK at 2.40 hours in what can be described as an excellent astrological time with Capricorn rising and the Moon in Cancer. What lends charm to the horoscope is the placement of an exalted Mars in the Ascendant, giving rise to the celebrated Ruchaka Yoga, being involved in an exchange of signs with Saturn placed in the 11th in Scorpio. The royal planet sun is exalted in Aries while the other luminary Moon is in its own house in Cancer.

According to Dr. B. V. Raman, for a person born in Makara lagna, Raja Yoga is given rise to by the placement of Mars in Makara and Moon in Kataka (vide Bhavaratha Ratnakara, English translation page 31) Among the Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas, Ruchaka yoga, is an important one which elavates a person to the status of a king or Queen. This yoga finds a place in the Queen's chart. The textbooks on Astrology shower lavish praise on Ruchaka yoga.
Elizabeth's early years were spent between Piccadilly in London and at White lodge in Richmond Park. When Her Majesty was seven years old, her father King George VI brought home Dookie, a Pembrokeshire Welsh corgi. She immediately fell in love with the breed and is believed to have owned at least 30 corgis since then. On December 11, 1936, Elizabeth's father became a King, with the stepping down of King Edward VIII and Princess Elizabeth became heiress presumptive.
Queen Elizabeth's got married when she completed 21 years of age and was in her 22nd year.

According to Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra,
One gets married in the 22nd year of life if Venus is in the 8th from 7th (viz., the 2nd house) and the sign dispositor is conjunct Mars. (Chapter 18, verse 30).

In the Queen's chart the first limb is cent percent true. The second limb is partially correct as Saturn is in an interchange of signs with Mars (and not conjunct which a minor departure from the rule). So, the above verse is predominantly true in the Queen's chart. The Queen was married in Venus dasha and Venus bhukti. With Venus conjunct Jupiter, she was blessed with an auspicious Guru - Shukra Yoga. It is said that when Jupiter conjoins Venus, one is blessed with a virtuous spouse. In the Queen's case, the spouse was also from a royal family. On November 20, 1947, the Queen married Philip Mountbatten in Westminster Abbey - the couple stayed together for 73 years until Philip's demise on April 9, 2021.


Elizabeth had three sons and a daughter of whom King Charles III became her successor on her passing away.
Charles was born on 14.11.1948 in Venus dasha, Sun bhukti. Usually, the first born is a male if Sun is in odd signs and here even the 5th lord Venus is in an odd sign with a male planet Jupiter. Venus as the 5th lord with Putra karaka Jupiter is eminently qualified to give rise to progeny.

Princess Anne was born on 15th August 1950 in Venus dasha, Moon bhukti, both Dasa and bhukti lords being feminine planets. In her D-7 chart (Saptamsa), Moon in Taurus is in an exchange of signs with Venus in lagna in Cancer. So the D-7 chart played a key role in the birth of the princess.

Prince Andrew was born on 19th February 1960 in Venus dasha and Saturn bhukti again with Venus in Cancer lagna and Saturn in the 11th conjunct Moon. This time also the D-7 chart proved favourable. In the Rasi chart, Saturn as lagna lord aspects the 5th giving rise to progeny.
Prince Edward was born on 10th March 1964, in Venus dasha and Ketu bhukti, with Ketu in Saptamsa giving the results of an exalted Mars as lord of 5 in 7, with Venus in Cancer lagna.


Queen Elizabeth was coronated on 2nd June 1953, while she was in Venus dasha, Rahu bhukti. As the Yogakaraka for Capricorn Ascendant, Venus was bound to confer spectacular results. As regards Rahu in 6th let us have a look at what the textbooks on Astrology suggest :-

The planet Rahu in the 6th removes all harm and destroys all adversity. One is valiant, strong and forceful. One may be liberal hearted, patient, calm, prudent and intelligent. One will perform brave deeds and accomplish great work. One will be healthy, strong and long lived. One will destroy enemies, or win them over. One will never suffer due to enemies. One will be as famous and be respected as a king or a Queen. One will be fortunate and have vehicles, ornaments, and a lot of wealth. One will be happy and belong to a high-class family. One will have a good spouse.
As we see from the life of Queen Elizabeth most of the above rules hold good.
Needless to add, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place in Venus dasha, Rahu bhukti with both planets in mutual trines.


Life is like a curate's egg - a mixture of good and bad. Not everything is rosy in a person's life. The Queen also had to go through her share of woes. We will have a look at some of those events and correlate them astrologically.
On 20th November 1992, a major fire broke out in Windsor castle, the Queen's home. The fire destroyed 115 rooms including a state room. This took place in Mars dasha and Saturn bhukti. Mars denotes Fire while Saturn denotes Air. So, the conjoined periods of Mars and Saturn look pretty explosive. The mutual exchange of houses between Mars and Saturn coupled with lagna lord in a Martian sign adds fuel to the fire.

The biggest calamity to befall the Queen's family was the death of Princess Diana in a car accident on 31st August 1997. This event took place when the nodes were operating - Rahu as dasha lord and Ketu as bhukti lord. If we reckon the placement of nodes counting from the 5th (which would be the functional rising sign for Queen's children), Rahu in 6 and Ketu in 12, effectively mean they are in the 2nd and 8th respectively for her children. Both happen to be maraka signs for the princess.
The months of February and March in 2002 proved pretty bad for the Queen. Her younger sister Margaret passed away on 9th February 2002 while her own mother passed away on 30th March 2002 aged 101. Both these tragic events occurred in Rahu dasha and Sun bhukti. As we all know, Rahu is an enemy of the Sun and being in the 4th Sun is a Maraka both for her mother (as lord of 8 in 4) and for her sister (2nd to the 3rd). The Sun - Rahu combination in the 6th in Navamsa chart forebodes the event.


Before we look at the Queen's chart here are a few observations I need to mention about the effects of Mars in Ashtakavarga chart.
1) Mars is Bhoomi Karaka or significator of immovable property. This is indicative of stability or permanency in mundane matters. Hence it is very important to have larger number of bindus in the Trikona houses in the Bhinnashtakavarga chart of Mars.
2) One will become rich if Mars with 8 benefic bindus is also exalted.
3) Find out the sign in the Bhinnashtakavarga chart of Mars, which has received Zero bindus ; when that house is transited by Saturn it will give rise to the following results for co-borns.
(a) Death
(c) Enmity
(e) Legal problems or court cases
4) When Mars with 8 bindus is either exalted or located in own house and is placed in the lagna, 4, 9 or 10, one becomes a crorepathi.
5) If Mars in lagna is in Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn, one becomes a king if the above planet obtains four or more bindus.
6) Kings are of various types. To find out whether a person would become a king and if so to what extent his empire would be ,is possible through the analysis of Mars in Ashtakavarga.
(a) In any bhava, Mars with 8 bindus would make a person a petty king; This we can take as the lowest grade.
(b) Assuming that in the above case, Mars is in lagna or the 10th house, one becomes a king- this is the next higher grade in royalty.
(c) If apart from being born in the combinations mentioned above, one is also blessed to be born in a royal family, one becomes the ruler of a country, One subtle point needs to be appreciated here. An ordinary person can become a petty king if supported by rules of astrology. A prince, having an identical combination becomes not just a petty king but the ruler of the country. This means rules of astrology should be applied after taking into consideration the person's background. A prince becoming a king is a usual occurrence. Right from birth onwards, the prince is groomed in all royal matters, undergoes training in commanding the army, horse-riding use of weapons etc. and at an appropriate time, he ascends the throne. For an ordinary man, there are too many matters pulling him down and he can become a king only by overcoming heavy odds. Here Mars functions like a rear engine in pushing him up to the top. But because the prince has the advantage of being born in a royal family, the similarly placed Mars, pushes him to a far greater level because of the initial momentum.
(d) If in addition to the combinations mentioned above, Mars is also in own house or exaltation, one becomes an Emperor.
7) If Mars with 4 bindus is related to Saturn, either by way of conjunction or mutual aspect, then one will either be a head of state or a judge.
8) If Mars with 3 bindus or less is related to Mercury, by way of conjunction or mutual aspect, one will not only be poor but also subjected to sorrow.
9) If Mars with 4 bindus or more, is related to Moon, by way of conjunction or mutual aspect, one will become head of many states.
10) When Mars as lord of 4 is in the 4th house with 4 bindus, then the person born in the royal family will own three or four fortresses. Instead of 4th house, let us say under identical conditions, Mars is in the 10 house, one will be a king or dispenser of justice.

The Queens chart is unique in the sense that in the SAV chart her Lagna has 34 bindus while her 11th has 36 bindus and these two happen to be her two strongest houses.
As regards Mars,the following features are quite unique.
1.Mars is in the Ascendant.
2.Mars is exalted.
3.Mars is in an exchange of signs with Saturn
4.Mars obtains 6 bindus in the BAV chart.
Applying the above rules in the Queen's chart we can easily conclude that Queen Elizabeth's chart is tremendously influenced by the Ashtakavarga chart and further the chart is greatly favoured by the bindus obtained in the BAV chart of Mars.


In the case of Queen Elizabeth II, the Dasha of Saturn is that of the Lagna lord which makes it a complete functional benefic. However, by owning the 2nd, he also be gets Maraka properties, which is further reinforced by the fact that Saturn owns the 7th and 8th from the Moon. Its placement in an enemy's sign is also a minus point of the horoscope. The ownership of houses in the case of Saturn further makes it a Maraka for the spouse. Her husband Philip passed away on 9th April 2021, in the Swa - bukti of Saturn with Saturn as Dasha lord.
Nevertheless, Saturn also has certain benefic qualities for Capricorn ascendant due to which the Queen could experience certain good events in this period such as: -

1. Platinum Jubilee or 70th year of Ascension to throne


2. Family reunion with Harris and Meghan Markle


3. Liz Truss becoming the new Prime Minister


The onset of Saturn dasha gave rise to a host of health issues from October 2021 onwards and this coupled with old age gave her a series of health setbacks. Eventually the Queen succumbed to these issues on 8th September 2022, having lived a glorious life till the ripe old of 96. Upon her passing away, Charles took over as the king of the British empire, thereby a heralding a new dawn in the United Kingdom about which George Macartney wrote in 1773 ( in the wake of the territorial expansion that followed Britain's Victory in the Seven Years' War) "this vast empire on which the sun never sets, and whose bounds nature has not yet ascertained”.