We will now discuss the salient features of Pushya Star, the eighth in this sequence, on lunar constellations.

Rasis are lifeless. Stars endow them with life. Mind is inert by its very nature. When it is in touch with the soul it gets life. I can cite an example here. Bulbs have no life of their own. They glow
only when electricity flows to them. The signs of the Zodiac are endowed with life because of stars and planets. When Sun dominates over a chart, Sattwa guna is present; when Venus dominates , Rajoguna is present and when Mars dominates , Tamoguna is present. Therefore the qualities of a person have to be understood from the planets which own the navamsa sign- dispositor of Moon. Brihaspathi is the advisor of the Devas. He is the presiding deity for Pushya star.

Brihaspathi was the son of sage Angirasa and Vasudha. Natives born in Pushya are knowledgeable and dharmic in nature. Through relentless pursuit of Dharma, they acquire wealth, luck and good fortune. They are generally consultants , advisors, priests and teachers.

Brihaspathi represents Jupiter , who is considered the wisest of the planets. According to Varahamihira a person born in Pushyami star will be calm , affectionate, clever ,wealthy and dharmic in outlook. According to Parasara, a person born in Pushya will be sattwic, well-versed, one endowed with wife, children and servants and one who brings glory to family.

According to Brihat Samhita a person born in the first quarter of Pushya will be long lived ; one born in the second quarter will usurp others’ wealth ; one born in third quarter will revel in social activities; one born in the fourth quarter will be wealthy.

According to Jataka Parijata, “A person born in Pushyami will be devoted to Devas, Vedic pundits and elders; will be modest, will have the power of forbearance , will serve society and thereby earn the respect of the government and will be blessed with friends.

Though Pushyami is an auspicious star , it is not recommended as a good star for marriage; it is good for other activities. For the sacred thread ceremony, this is a particularly good star.

The two books on astrology which gives extensive guidelines on Muhurthas are Kalaprakasika and Muhurtha Chintamani. The author of Muhurtha Chintamani has prescribed the guidelines based on
whether the star is Mridu, chara, Dhruva, Ugra, Kshipra or Tikshna, while the author of Kalaprakasika places more emphasis on the individual qualities of each nakshatra. Thus any student of Astrology should follow both these guidelines to take an appropriate view on star selection . For instance, in Agriculture for the first use of grains, the author of Kalaprakasika suggests avoiding the months Ashada, Margashisra and Magha while the author of Muhurtha Chintamani suggests avoidance of Chaitra and Pushya (note the word “Pushya”used above refers to the lunar month, not the star Pushya, we are discussing). Pushya is a favorable star for harvesting, gathering and storing grains.

An appropriate Muhurtha should be determined for ploughing land each time. The first time a piece of land is ploughed is particularly important and great care should be taken in selecting the Muhurtha as the time of first ploughing influences the land for as long as it is farmed.For this activity Shukla Paksha is favourable and Krishna Paksha is unfavourable. Pushya is a favourable star for this activity along with Rohini, Punarvasu, Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Anuradha, Moola, Uttarashadha and Uttarabhadrapada. In addition to the normally favoured stars, the Janma Nakshatra and the tenth star are specifically favoured. Ploughing in Chaturthi thithi destroys the crop through pests, navami damages the crop while chaturdasi endangers the life of the owner.

Kalaprakasika gives the following results to the Lagna; Aries is fatal to cows; Taurus, Gemini and Cancer promise good harvest; Leo damages the crops ; Virgo gives good yield; Libra causes luxurious growth; Scorpio damages crop through fire; Sagittarius promotes fertility; Capricorn gives abundant harvest; Aquarius causes trouble from thieves while Pisces promotes prosperity.

Pushya is also favourable for sowing seeds and planting. It is also good for boat building and launching.

Pushya is a favourable star for business transactions including buying and selling, other suitable stars being Ashwini, Rohini, Mrgasira, Ardra, Punarvasu, Makha, Uttararaphalguni, Satabhisha, Uttarabhadrapada and Revathi.

Pushya is a good star for repayment of debts. It is a favourable star for adoption of children. Breast feeding should be done once the umbilical cord is cut , as soon as the baby starts feeding. Due to
some reasons if this is not possible, then the same can be commenced in Pushyami star. Other suitable stars are Mrgasira, Punarvasu, Hasta, Sravana and Revati.

The first time a child’s hair is cut is known as “chowlam” one of the Hindu samskaras. The Rishis in their infinite wisdom were able to understand the profound truth that there exists a link between “chowlam” and health. Therefore this is considered as an important Samskara. When “chowlam” is performed in “Pushya” star , it bestows riches upon the child.

It is also desirable to seek a good Muhurtha for wearing new clothes. For instance, Jyestha star is an inauspicious one and one should not wear new clothes on that day. There is another rule which states that
one should wear new clothes on one’s birthday. Let us say, a person is born in Jyestha star, so that his birthday occurs in Jyestha. Should he wear new clothes on his birthday or not? Yes, he should wear new clothes. Special rules in Astrology override general rules.

That one should not wear new clothes in Jyestha is a general rule, which is inapplicable to a person born in Jyestha star on his birthday. On days ruled by Jyestha, the said person should not wear a new cloth, other than on his birthday. Wearing a new cloth on Pushya bestows prosperity.

Pushya is an auspicious star for construction and related activities. One can start learning a new craft such as carpentry , knitting, sculpture or painting on a day ruled by this star. Pushya is a suitable star for minting coins. Now that paper currency has replaced coins, one can say, without fear of contradiction that currency notes can be printed on a day ruled by Pushya.

These days one seldom comes across a child not participating in extra curricular activities. When I was in school and college, boys were afraid of playing cricket, because parents used to scold them for wasting time on sports rather than utilize their valuable time on studies. Their standard remark was ” Time spent on cricket is ill-spent” and this argument used to be supported by G.B.Shaw’s saying “cricket is a game played by 22 fools, watched by 22000 fools”. Today, these views have changed and parents are happy to send their children to a good Cricket Academy. To start learning dance, music, acting or any other art, Pushya is a favourable star. There are certain specific subjects , one can master if started in Pushya. These are Logic, Astrology and the other Vedangas, all sciences, Vedas and fine arts. Pushya is a good star to employ a servant. According to Kalaprakashika , Pushya is a suitable star for Grihapravesa, or entering a new house. One can a wear a new jewellery in Pushya asterism. A disease which sets in on Pushyawill get cured within seven days. Coronation of a king or a swearing- in of a Head of State, such as President or Prime Minister can take place while Moon is in Pushya arterism.