The first cycle of nine stars commences from Ashwini and ends with Ashlesha. The second cycle commences from Makha and ends with Jyeshta. In this article we will dwell on the intricacies of Makha Star.

According to Kala Vidhana, “Should the birth star of either the bride or the groom happen to be Swathi, Mrgashira, Makha or Anuradha, they will match very well even if all the ten Kutas do not agree.

Mrgashira, Makha, Swati and Anuradha fall under a special category of stars designated as “Mahanakshatras” and considered as auspicious for the purpose of horoscope matching for matrimony. A person born in Makha will be frank, wealthy and blessed with a clear mind. In Tamil Nadu, it is considered extremely auspicious for a girl to be born in Makha Star. Many families while choosing a bride give special preference to brides born in Makha Star. It is said that a girl born in Makha Star will beget everlasting fame. In Tamil Nadu, the full moon day which falls in “Makha Star” is termed as Masi Makham. It is customary to worship Moon-God at the time of moonrise on this particular Full Moon day. A bath in the holy waters on this day bestows a person with “Punya” and hence many people bathe in sacred rivers on this day.

“Maghasnanam”, is a holy bath, which many undertake in this month and this falls in the English month February-March. The “Mahamakham” festival in Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu and the “Kumbha Mela” in the northern parts of India have their origin in Makha Star.

According to Varahamitra, a person born in Makha Star will be hard working, affluent and is devoted to (departed) forefathers. A person born in Makha star will be given to anger, will be devoted to parents, indulgent in rituals and will be surrounded by both friends and enemies, according to Maharishi Parasara.

According to Jataka Parijatha, a person born in Makha Star will be submissive to wife, self-respecting and of limited desires. The initial 3.5 Ghatikas of Makha Star is subjected to Gandandha Dosha. Makha is a suitable star to propitiate manes during auspicious days such as Ashada Amavasya, Makara Sankranthi, eclipses as well as Mahalyapaksha fortnight. According to Dharma Shastras everyone should worship Devas, Pitrus and Rishis in order to lead a fulfilling life. Devas play an important role in bringing about change of seasons. Rishis bless us with knowledge and wisdom. Pitrus bless us with progeny and thereby contribute to the never-ending life cycle.

It is quite possible that some day in the distant future, the world would come to an end due to some natural calamity but till that date it is our duty to keep the world going in a Dharmic way. For that purpose, the blessings of Devas, Rishis and Pitrus is a necessity. Makha belong to a category of stars called “Ugra” meaning “fierce”.

Other stars in this category are Bharani, Purvaphalguni, Purvashada and Purvabhadrapada. Ugra Nakshatras such as Makha favour activities which require intensity, courage and recklessness. Makha is a downward looking star (Adho Muka Nakshatra) which favours digging or working on the ground. For events of a beneficial nature Makha is generally considered unfavourable, other stars in this category being being Bharani, Krithika, Ardra, Ashlesha, Purvaphalguni, Jyeshta, Purvashada and Purvabhadrapada.

Siddha Yoga is a yoga formed through an intersection between Thithi, Vara and Nakshatra and is considered very auspicious. When Makha occurs on a Thursday, Siddha Yoga is given rise to provided the Thithi is Chaturthi, Panchami, Saptami,Navami, Trayodashi or Chathurdashi. Generally persons born in the same Rajju are found mutually incompatible for marriage. For instance a girl born in Makha should not marry a boy who is Moola Star. However this argument should not be extended to the Trijanma star. Very recently I came across a case when an astrologer had wrongly rejected a match by counting from the boy`s star-the boy was Krithika and the girl Uttaraphalguni. The astrologer failed to appreciate that for an Uttaraphalguni girl, only an Uttarashada boy should be rejected, not Krithika.

According to Kalaprakasika, Makha is a favourable star for agricultural activities such as harvesting, gathering and storing grains.

For ploughing of land, Makha is termed a favourable star, according to Muhurtha Chintamani. To enter the land for purpose of agriculture, Makha is an auspicious star.

It is also a good star for threshing grains.When some property is pledged in Makha star, the same will neither come back to the owner, nor will it be a source of grain. When someone parts with gold on Makha star, he/she will become a pauper while the one who receives gold will flourish.

Makha is a favourable star for repayment of debt. Riktha Thithis are generally considered auspicious for loan repayment while it is advisable to avoid debt repayment on Wednesday. One should not open a bank account or make large deposits on a day ruled by Makha Star. If tonsure ceremony of a new born child is done in Makha Star, it leads to loss of prosperity. New dresses should not be worn on Makha Star.

If someone wears a new dress on Makha Star, it will endanger his/her life. Please note that this embargo does not apply to a Makha born person if he/she wears a new dress on his/ her birthday. Makha is a favourable star for laying the foundation for building a hotel or restaurant. The only exception to the above rule would be when a Makha star occurs on a Tuesday when Mars occupies Pushya, Makha Hasta, Moola, Purvashada or Revathi. Digging for construction can commence in Makha star. For a person who is interested in the study of Mathematics, Makha is a suitable star to commence learning the subject, other stars favouring mathematics being Bharani and Krithika. Makha is specifically prohibited for commencement of work in manufacturing a gold jewellery studded with diamonds.One can wear new jewellery on Makha Star. For buying or selling or taming animals the following stars are favourable.

1. Ashwini;
2. Mrgashirsha;
3. Punarvasu;
4. Pushya;
5. Hasta;
6. Anuradha;
7. Sravana;
8. Dhanishta;
9. Uttrabhadrapada;
10. Revathi.

According to Kalaprakasika, in addition to the above, Makha, Uttaraphalguni and Uttarashada are also considered favourable.Over the centuries horses have been used for transportation in war, for carriage of goods and in racing. Riders need to be careful in mounting a horse as unless properly trained, horses may not react favourably. To sit on a horse for the first time in one`s life, Makha is a suitable star. If wedding is conducted in Makha star, prosperity attends on the bride and the groom. A disease which sets in when Makha star is on will prove dangerous in ten days. However for commencement of treatment as well as surgery, it is recommended. When a person is initiated into a Mantra, when Makha star is there, that mantra will give favourable results.For pacifying planets, a ritual known as “ Shanthi Karma”, is undertaken. Makha is a favourable star for this ritual. For this ritual it is essential that at that particular Muhurtha Jupiter and Venus are not combust.

“Possession by spirits” is a controversial subject. Some people term “ghosts” as just illusions while some see truth in this matter. For controlling or exorcising a spirit, Makha is a favourable star. Other asterisms in which exorcism of a ghost can be undertaken are Bharani, Mrgashira, Ardra and Moola. For this event, the 8th house from the Muhurtha Lagna should preferably not be occupied by any planet.

Travel is contra – indicated in Makha Nakshatra. If someone were to undertake travel in Makha, there would be danger to life.Further one should never undertake a journey in the southern direction when Makha star is in operation. If one’s natal Moon is in Aries, all the more one should avoid travel in Makha Star. A traveller meets with harm, if he returns home after a journey in Makha star. To drive a car for the first time, Makha is a good star. Any vehicle, one can start to drive in Makha star.

One needs to wear a bullet proof vest before embarking on a commando operation or before entering a battlefield. Any police or military or anti- terror operation requires wearing of protective gears. Such bullet proof vests or protective gears can be worn when Makha star is in operation. Weapons can be manufactured in Makha star. It is also good to dig wells in Makha star. Drinking wine may not be a desirable habit but for taking the first sip of wine in a manufactured batch, Makha is a suitable star.