Uttaraphalguni is a star which spreads to two Rasis – normally Leo and Virgo. “Bagha” is the presiding deity for this star. We have heard of the famous vedic prayer “Bhagya Suktam” which
improves a person’s good fortune. This prayer is addressed to “Bagha”. Wealth, happiness, fame and modesty are all conferred upon a person born in this star.

According to Maharishi Parasara, this star is auspicious for planting trees, constructing new buildings and doing charitable activities. A person born in the 1st pada of Uttaraphalguni is knowledgeable. One born in the 2nd pada is a leader. One born in the 3rd pada is victorious and one born in the last quarter is charitable. One born in this star will manage to overcome all the adversities and attain their goal in life.

Uttaraphalguni belongs to a category of stars termed “Urdhvamukha” stars. Coronation ceremonies and construction of high rise buildings can be done in this star. Actions done on this star last for a long time. They have a permanent impact and influence over a long period of time. Hence this is termed as a “Dhruva” or fixed nakshatra.

In marriage, the 22nd nakshatra counted from the girl is a “vainashika” star and should be rejected. This is, in spite of the fact that 22nd is actually a kshema nakshtra. For eating fresh grains and for first use of flowers, fruits and leaves, it is considered a good star, according to Kalaprakasika. It is also a good day for harvest. For sowing seeds in an orchard or garden or for planting, it is a suitable star. For ploughing, it is an auspicious star.

Uttaraphalguni is an auspicious star for boat building and landing. Accounting, book keeping and business correspondence can be done on a day ruled by Uttaraphalguni star. It is also a good star for buying and selling. In my humble opinion, Poorvaphalguni is a better star for selling whereas Uttaraphalguni is a better star for buying.

Things which are lent or pledged under Uttaraphalguni star will not come back. For opening a business store, Uttaraphalguni is an auspicious star. We are living in an age when infertility is a major problem all over the world. Absence of issue is the major issue. A rudimentary knowledge of the rules of astrology could help couples planning to have an issue. When a woman’s menstrual period starts on a day when Moon is in an Anupachaya bhava (bhavas other than 3,6,10,11) counted from Janma Lagna and the Moon is either in conjunction or aspected by Mars, then that cycle is conducive for conception. If Moon is in an Upachaya Bhava (3,6,10,11), that period will not result in conception.

For cohabitation, the conducive stars are Rohini, Mrigashirsha, Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Uttarashada, Sravana, Dhanishta, Satabisha and Uttarabhadrapada. The stars to be avoided are Ashwini, Bharani, Makha, Moola and Revati.
The effects of cohabitation on the following days are explained as follows:

Day – Effect
1 – Fatal to Husband
2 – Affects girls’s longevity
3 – Abortion
4 – Short lived son
5 – Gives rise to a daughter
6 – Gives rise to a son
7 – Gives rise to a daughter who will have no issues
8 – Noble son
9 – Wicked girl
10 – Praise-worthy son
11 – Unrighteous girl
12 – Virtuous Son
13 – Virtuous daughter
14 – Affluent boy
15 – Short-lived daughter
16 – Son with great intelligence

Feeding of a new born child should be done on the 31st day from birth or when moon is in the 10th star from Janma nakshatra. For this purpose Uttaraphalguni is an auspicious star. The time at which the child partakes solid food has an impact over the child’s health. Even for this purpose, Uttaraphalguni is a good star.

The new born child will be free from disease if the Chowla (tonsure) ceremony is held on Uttaraphalguni star. The Jatakarma of a newborn child is to be held on the 12th day of birth, failing which it can be held on Uttaraphalguni star. If one wears a new cloth on a day ruled by Uttaraphalguni, that person will get plenty of clothes. As mentioned earlier, any construction activity can be launched in Uttaraphalguni as it happens to be a Urdhvamukha nakshatra.

For learning to dance or learning to sing or act, this is a favourable star. For education in general there is a debate over whether this star is good or not. According to Kalaprakasika, Uttaraphalguni is an auspicious star. One can commence learning Tarka Sastra or logic in this star. Uttaraphalguni is an auspicious star to enter a house (Grihapravesha). For the activity of jewellery making, this happens to be a suitable star. New jewellery can alsio be worn in this star. The first sexual union or Nisheka can be done in this star.

A disease which sets in while this star is in operation gets cured within 9 days. Medical treatment can also commence in this star. Taking oil bath is a healthy activity. It promotes health and well being. If one takes oil bath on a Saturday, prosperity accrues. Ardra, Uttraphalguni, Jyeshta and Shravana are unfavourable for oil baths. Wealth as well as longevity will be harmed by taking oil bath on a day ruled by Uttaraphalguni.

Coronation ceremony can be held on a day ruled by Uttaraphalguni. This star is also favouable for performance of Seemandham function. A student can be initiated into a mantra on a day ruled by Uttaraphalguni. The Upanayanam or sacred thread ceremony can also be held in this star.

Summing up Uttaraphalguni is an auspicious star for a variety of occasions. Being a dhruva star, it brings about lasting happiness and benefits of an enduring nature. Hence, one should take advantage of this asterism while choosing to perform actions which have far-reaching implications.