VEDIC ASTROLOGY is Indias gift to the World. Everything in nature, whether animate or inanimate is subject to the influences arising out of the movements of celestial bodies. Indias classics, the Ramayana and, Mahabharata do contain references to Astrology. The great Rishis of India were the first to propound the laws relating to Karma and Rebirth. An object in darkness can be known when you focus a lamp on that object. Similarly the laws of Astrology throw light on the œkarmic balance of a person. The rishis also say that a persons life and the good or bad events which occur are entirely the result of karma. Once Karma was identified as the root cause of events ,there arose the science called Astrology which could throw light on karma. While the existence of karma cannot be physically proved, its role is fully explained by the movements of Heavenly bodies. There is a direct link between the karmic origin of events and movements of Heavenly bodies across the zodiac.

Having said that let us not come to the wrong conclusion that Life is predestined and Astrology is a Fatalistic doctrine. On the other hand our Rishis laid more emphasis on Free will rather than fate. Classics like Yoga Vasishta and Bhagwad Gita glorify human effort. In Astrology too the emphasis is not just on human effort but on efforts properly timed.One cannot cultivate a crop in the wrong season.Astrological forecasts are probabilistic,not deterministic. The job of an Astrologer is to furnish proper guidance “ if the period is favourable ,no efforts are required; if period is adverse,more efforts are required or you need to keep quiet for sometime and take efforts when time is favourable. As the saying goes There is a Time for everything and a season for every activity under the heaven.The right use of Astrology is to channelise the Cosmic energies for obtaining favourable results. Astrology has everything to do with Dharma;it favours only those who put it to good use. In Puranas we have lots of examples where demons sought boons from gods ,acquired them and perished while putting it to use.

Astrology itself has several categories “ Reading of Birth chart, Horary Astrology, Mundane Astrology and Muhurtha to name a few. While the Birth chart holds the key to future. Muhurtha is something wholly under our control.If Birth Chart is ruled by fate, Muhurtha is ruled by Freewill.

Planets, thoughts, Mind, reality, Universe, Dreams, karma “ all have their foundation only in consciousness. If consciousness were not there, none of these things would be there. While you are in Deep Sleep your problems disappear, which means that they dont have an Absolute reality to them. This means that when there is a shift in consciousness they would get solved or eliminated. Astrology states that Combinations for becoming kings, if weak would fructify only in dreams. In other words the Dream state is real if you continue with the dream Recall Albert Einsteins comment, Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one If Thoughts create reality,then what does Astrology do? It creates or activates Thoughts.

œYad Bhavam Tad bhavati “ As you think so you become. Thoughts create reality. Neale Donald Walshe said œThe Universe is just a big Xerox machine. It simply produces multiple copies of your thoughts. Now theres only one way to change all that. You have to change your thought about it. If Astrology as a science is approached with the firm belief that planets can only do good to us,it holds the key to a glorious future. There is a saying Fools obey planets while wise men control them. There is no such thing as coincidence in this Universe. You have not embarked on this website through Chance or Coincidence. Your entry marks a significant step in your evolutionary ladder. From being a mere puppet, you have reached a stage where you become a Master of your destiny rather than a Slave to that.The key to your personal transformation is now in your hands .