This is a star which favours expansion or development. It also stands for peace. It stands as a significator for the following:-

(1) Writer
(2) Dyer
(3) Gemmologist
(4) Singer
(5) Maker of perfumes
(6) Mathematician
(7) Weaver
(8) Eye specialist
(9) Grains

The first two quarters of Chitra fall in Virgo while the remaining two fall in Libra. Chitra belongs to a category of stars termed as “Mridu”. In Sanskrit the word ” Mridu” means “delicate” and “soft”. We will outine the list of activities which one can perform favorably under a “Mridu” Star.
(1) Starting to learn singing;
(2) Learning to stitch clothes;
(3) Learning to make jewellery;
(4) Going out with friends;
(5) Any activity which is just intended for pleasure.

Generally the five – day week is in vogue in most Western Countries. They leave for office early in the morning and come back late in the evening. They have no time for anything. But weekends are just the reverse. Saturdays and Sundays are exclusively reserved for the family. Going out with family, going to picnics, beaches or holiday resorts are all the events for the weekend. If the weekend falls in the “Mridu” star such as Mrgashirsha, Chitra, Anuradha or Revathi, it is ideal for a vacation.

I have a friend who lives abroad who went to the West Coast of USA for a holiday. Quite unexpectedly his wife got a viral infection while travelling and he and his family were forced to spend their time in the hotel room administering analgesics and antibiotics to the patient. Hence it is advisable to consider astrological factors while planning a holiday. For those who plan to travel abroad, I for one would suggest avoiding two major factors.

(a) Navami Thithi and;
(b) Chandrashtama.

Moon is a malefic in the waning phase and it is advisable to avoid Chandrashtama especially in the waning phase. Chitra is a “Tiryakmukha” Star meaning it look sideways. Such stars favour travel in land, Air, and Water, playing of musical instruments and laying of roads. According to Narada Samhita, a person who wishes to propitiate a particular star should plant and worship a tree, represented by that star.The “Arjun” plant (Terminalia Alata Glabra) is the ruling plant for Chitra Star.

The Pumsavan Samskar is usually done to sanctify the foetus of a woman who has conceived and to deliver a male child .Out of the 27 stars, 16 are considered favourable while 11 are prohibited for conducting this function. Chitra is considered a favourable star for holding Pumsavan function.

The first ceremony to bless a new born child is called “Jatakaranan” ceremony. It removes the ill – effects of a child being born at an inauspicious time. It bestows longevity, increases success, prosperity and removes inauspiciousness. The 12th day is the day on which a newborn child is named. If the father is travelling and not able to make it then it can be held subsequently on an auspicious star. Chitra Star is considered auspicious for holding this function. Usually the naming ceremony, ” Namakaran” and ” Jatakaran” are held on the same day. Similarly the first feeding of a child, “Annapraksha” can be done in “Chitra” Star. Chitra is also a good star to have the “Upanayanam” or the ceremony for investiture of sacred thread.