Hello Mr. Neelakantan

I am writing to thank you for the absolute ‘on target’ prediction on my movement back to Chennai from Bangalore.

I had reached out to you sometime last July with the ask of being able to move back to Chennai & be with my family. You had looked at my Horoscope and asked me to ‘pack my bags & be ready by September end’.

Rightfully so. By god’s grace, end of September 2018 I had got a job offer in Chennai. I moved back and started my new assignment from 2nd January 2019.

Let me once again thank you and appreciate you for your support and guidance.

– Baminee

Neel made a few predictions for us that turned out to be true:

The first was about my job. Me and my husband were married for two years and were in two different places due to work commitments. It was something both of us were not relishing.

Neel predicted that I will be able to find a job at my husband’s place by April 2017 and likewise I found a job in March 2017.

The other prediction was that I would continue studying and I am currently pursuing a course at Harvard Business School.

The third prediction was about conceiving a child. When I reached out to him,  we were at the lowest point in our lives as our first attempt to conceive through IVF failed. Neel predicted that it would work the second time. True to his words we conceived within a week’s time.He not only predicted but also suggested remedies to make this happen.

I would strongly recommend Neel to anybody who have faith and belief in astrology. He is beyond an astrologer- a well wisher as well. I am an ardent reader of all his astrology related articles on his website.

Looking forward to many more to come!!

– Maya

Greetings of the day!

With your blessings and guidance I am doing good.

Your prediction is accurate. Once I had lost all my hopes in my life, but your guidance and predictions helped me lot. Seeking your blessings and guidance at every stage of my life. Requesting to forward your bank account number so that I can deposit the amount, as I promised.

Seeking your blessing to move forward in my life.

– Ashok

I have gone though your article on Retrograde planets in Modern Astrology and have really been influenced by your elaborate explanation like you do every time. I have really been touched by your writing and deeply pleased to see your sea of knowledge, allurement of writing with full of affectation and spiritualism.

As you predicted a few months back regarding my job, has happened likewise. As you had predicted that I would definitely get a break through on my endeavor of getting a job in Banking sector, it has seriously taken place. My name has finally come in the final list of selection of Bank of Baroda, Gramen Bank, and my posting will be in Ajmer, Rajasthan as Office Executive.

I am regularly chanting Ekadasha Mukha Hanuman Kavacham as your remedy and I really feel the blessing of God. I really thank you from the core of my heart. You truly deserve wholehearted thanks and pranam from my end.

I am really fortunate and thankful to God that I have been in touch with such a holy person like you since long.

– Sourav Ghosh, Calcutta

Dr E S Neelakantan had sent the horoscope of my niece regarding marriage. Incidentally, she got a proposal and Dr E S Neelakantan’s predictions regarding Uma Devi have turned out to be really true. She is happily married. Keep up the good work!

– Bhaskar

When I Dr E S Neelakanthan, he saw my daughter’s horoscope and said that she will definitely get a job since Surya Dasa (her 10th Lord’s Dasa) starts from October 2015. Guess what? Within a week I got news from her that she has got financial analyst position at a reputed pharmaceutical company. Thank you very much for your valuable guidance. This only reimposes our faith in vedic astrology.

– Jayalakshmi Kameswaran

I contacted Dr E S Neelakantan in 2013 to ask some questions regarding my life, particularly my career prospects of mine, my husband’s. I was very de-motivated at work and never got a promotion for 7 long years. His full chart is thorough and covers all the specifics. The most important part is his prediction. I got a call from a recruiter on soon and got the complete offer. He has played a significant role in boosting my confidence and my morale.

– Vidya, Sydney, Australia

I was introduced to Dr. E.S.Neelakantan at a time when I was very much disturbed in my personal life and lost confidence. As advised by him, I performed two simple rituals which solved my problem. His confident predictions boosted my morale every time I approached him and I am truly blessed to find his guidance and support. Dr. E S Neelakanthan not only has in depth in astrological knowledge but he is also an excellent human being. Ever since I met I had a strong belief and respect in his words.

– Gayathri Viswanathan, Chennai, India

I have been reading all your articles in the EST; AM; MA and other Magazines for many years. I have always admired your indefatigable efforts to make any subject you take for discussion, easily understandable. I have no words to appreciate your effort and how you, for the past long five years, continued the series with devotion and interest.

– Kalyanraman

Dear Neelu,

I’m getting back in touch after finally having managed to establish contact with Gudrun and Nicholas Lewis-Schellenbeck from the Astrovedic Academy here in Europe.

As a matter of fact, this evening I assisted at a presentation Ms Gudrun gave at my yoga center and asked her at the end, whether she would be interested in eventually establishing contact with you, an Indian astrologer who did his thesis on Medical Astrology.

Ms Gudrun and her husband Nicholas (himself a specialist in medical astrology) agreed. I therefore share your email addresses and web-sites and leave it your respective hands from here on.

Neelu, I am still under the spell of my trip to Tamil Nadu and have the firm intention to revisit India in not too far a future. Let me thank you once more for having opened a window for me to look into Vedic traditions.

In the hope that everything is fine with you, I send warm greetings, also to your family.

– Reto Meister

I’m a person who never believes predictions. At all times I take what’s told to me with a pinch of salt and don’t believe how can someone read your past and tell you what the future is going to be like.

My husband on the other hand originates from a family who firmly believes in astrology and has much convinced me that astrology is very important in a person’s life as a guide.

We have been and seen so many astrologers and as usual I never take what they say seriously.

It all changed when we met Mr.Neelakandan. My whole idea my whole outlook and my whole believe in astrology took a turn. Before the meeting I was not too excited and told my husband its just going to be the same but after I met him and heard what he had to say I was left mesmerized.

It felt like as if God himself telling me look this is how you lived and this is how your life is going to be. One might not believe what I’m saying but with true accounts that have happened in my life you will definitely believe that Mr.Neelakandan is a man who speaks through the Gods.

At the first meeting he told us I’ll guarantee you that you will call me in a few months time and tell me that you are pregnant. I brushed that idea all itself because I knew my body or I thought I knew. I never in a million years thought I will get pregnant and just laughed at his words.

It hit me hard on the head in January 2016 (a few months after meeting Mr.Neelakandan) when I checked in positive for pregnancy. I was 2-3 weeks  pregnant. It was then I told myself, Mr.Neelakandan is not an ordinary person, he is so passionate about astrology that his readings were so accurate and again it was like as if Gods were talking through him.

We made a call to him to tell him the good news and he said astrology doesn’t go wrong and indeed it doesn’t.

My second meeting with him was also divine. He knew what I was thinking, my worries and what I was feeling just by looking at my astrological chart. No words could describe the satisfaction I have for his words and wisdom. He once again predicted on a case I was handling that I was going to win for sure. As predicted I won the case.

What an amazing man and what an amazing knowledge on astrology.

I’m so glad to have met him and continue to seek his advices and guidance in many aspects of our lives. There can be many astrologers out there but its very rare to find one who is not only warm, compassionate and caring like Mr.Neelakandan, a man who God chose to send his messages. Thank you sir you were 100% correct in everything you said and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

– Lalitha & P Naathan

Ipoh, Malaysia

I found Dr Neelakantan to be a proficient Vedic and K.P Astrologer . He had predicted that I would get my promotion by February 23 . On February 25th 2023 , I got promoted . I was stunned at his prediction . More than his proficiency in Astrology , he is blessed with divine power of Lord Naga Subramanya which helps in guiding people in the correct path by giving astonishing predictions .

Kudos to Dr E.S Neelakantan .Highly recommended .

– Sadasivan