Dr E S Neelakantan

 Under a dazzling array of planets adorning the firmament, the Naveen Patnaik ministry was sworn it at Bhubaneshwar in the celebrated Abhijin lagna, which is extolled in textbooks on Astrology.

It is said that a Lagna derives strength when benefics occupy quadrants and trines, while malefics occupy Upachaya signs.The Stability of a government needs to be reckoned from the strength of the Ascendant and the Ascendant lord. Malefics occupying or aspecting the lagna weaken the lagna, while the converse is true of benefics. With no planets aspecting lagna in this chart , the Ascendant could be termed to be strong with a Vargottama Sun in the 10th in conjunction with a benefic mercury.

Waning moon in the 8th is an unwelcome feature of any muhurat chart but here the saving grace comes in the form of Jupiter’s aspect on the 8th.

The Karana at the Muhurat time is the Vishti karana. The fixed karanas are 4 in number – Sakuni, Chatushpada, Naga and Kinshtughna while the movable karanas are 7 in number –Bava, Balava, Kautava, Taitila, Gara, Vanija and Vishti. The point to notice here is that all movable karanas, barring Vishti are auspicious whereas all the fixed karanas are inauspicious. Vishti karana makes a person work very hard to gain even mediocre results.

There are two exceptions to Vishti karana. The results of Vishti are neutralized by (1) Jupiter in a quadrant and (2) performance of actions after midday. In this Muhurat, Jupiter in 4 neutralizes Vishti karana effectively.

In the navamsa chart, Moon in the company of Venus is a highly desirable placement, while Jupiter in Pisces is another welcome feature.

The conjunction of Sun with Mercury in the 10th in the Oath-taking chart, shows that the Naveen Patnaik government will initiate a series of measures which aim to strengthen the economy of Odisha. The economy is poised for an upswing. The aspect of Mars on the 2nd will further strengthen the economy of the state. Steps taken by the Naveen Patnaik government will lead to poverty alleviation and fiscal consolidation. Fiscal prudence is indicated by the aspect of Jupiter on the 12th. Subsidies and freebies will slowly get phased out.

Cordial relationship with the Centre and the Opposition parties is indicated by the presence of Venus in the 9th. The 10th lord Mars in the 11th and its conjunction with Rahu indicates that the government will live up to people’s expectations. The OBCs, Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes will benefit through measures taken by the new government to remove social and economic backwardness. The government will be pro-poor and pro-farmer in its outlook.Housing will be given top priority. Electrification of rural households, providing pump sets to farmers and irrigation will be some of the key areas of priority for the new government.

In spite of the promising outlook for the new government, there are a few grey areas which I would like to highlight. In this fresh five year tenure of the Patnaik government, Odisha will be at the receiving end of Nature’s fury. There will be alternate cycles of droughts with floods. The Patnaik government will find it extremely difficult to manage the cyclones and floods.

The weather gods may not be kind to Odisha. Precaution on all fronts need to be exercised. The government should remain eternally vigilant in order to ensure evacuation, whenever a cyclonic storm gets formed in the Bay of Bengal in the period September 2019 to December 2019 and in the ensuing years.


Saturn, the significator of the masses in mutual aspect with Mars, indicates an incendiary social ethos which could trigger mass upheavals at the slightest provocation. A key task for the Patnaik government would be preservation of law and order.Gynaecological disorders and problems associated with maternity will continue to torment Odisha. Success rate in IVF, IVI and artificial methods of conception will be very poor compared to other states.Life expectancy will be high.

The operative dasha – bukthi periods for the Naveen Patnaik ministry will be Saturn-Moon, Saturn-Mars and Saturn-Rahu.The Saturn dasha, Moon bukthi period lasting till June 2020, will be a challenging period for the Patnaik government. For the state as a whole the period from June 2019 till June 2020 could prove to be challenging.

Women will get key posts in the government. Odisha will do well in sports. Education and fine arts will get top priority from the Patnaik government.

If we look at the chart as a whole there are only three salient negative points

  1. Conjunction of Saturn with Ketu
  2. Occurrence of Vishti karana
  3. Waning Moon in the 8th.

Out of the three negatives we have outlined above, the last two negative features are silenced by the presence of Jupiter in 4 aspecting the 8th. If we were to look at the positive features of the chart,laudable features are the presence of benefics in quadrants and trines and the placement of malefics in upadhaya houses.

A few scams and charges could surface on account of the presence of Mars and Rahu in the 4th from the Moon. The government needs to take a few precautionary measures to protect the citizens in the event of seismic activity.

Overall, the indications in the astrological chart clearly point to a period of progress and prosperity in the fresh tenure of Naveen Patnaik.

Naveen patnaik Swearing in time