By Dr.E.S.Neelakantan

Mundane Astrology has always held the fascination of both Astrologers and Laymen. The Individual’s destiny is determined by the Natal chart whereas the collective destiny of nations is determined by the rules pertaining to mundane astrology. It is customary to look at the Navanayagars or the “Nine Lords” in the Almanac to understand which planet is supposed to govern which sphere of activity and then come to certain broad conclusions. In Table 1, you can see who these Nine Lords are and how their portfolio is ascertained. The Weekday on which Ugadi falls becomes the King and this year it falls on March 18,2018 on Sunday and its daylord Sun is anointed the King. Vishu, the day of Solar Ingress into Aries falls on Saturday and therefore Saturn is deemed to be the Minister. On 22nd June 2018, Friday Sun enters the constellation Ardra in Gemini and its daylord Venus becomes the Megadipathi or the Lord of Clouds. How the remaining six planets become “Navanayagars” is determined is evident from Table 1, being the Planetary daylords on the first day of the solar month for Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively. Once this concept is understood, will try to comprehend the implications of the Nine lords theory.
Sun as the King of the year bestows prosperity and happiness, thanks to the aspect of Jupiter on the Sun in the Vilambi solar year chart. Real estate transactions, which have remained subdued in the post demonetisation period, will stage a recovery. The Bhoomi Karaka Mars, which remains in its exaltation house Capricorn from 02/05/2018 to 05/11/2018 in the course of its extended stay will further aid the beleaguered sector which is looking for succour. Financial Liquidity, which has the bane of real estate sector since November 2016 will improve thereby aiding that category of people, who earn their livelihood through trading activities. The Central government will resort to a major rethink on the GST Act leading to a spate of exemptions, and relaxing of deadlines, penal and interest provsions and ease in compliance of GST rules, which will further aid the business sector in general and the real estate sector in particular. In the Vilambi year Solar Chart, the Bhoomi Karaka Mars is in conjunction with the Yogakaraka Saturn, which reinforces the view that this year could prove to be bullish for the real estate sector. In Mumbai, a few high value transactions would happen in the period May to July 2018, coinciding with Mars’ entry into Capricorn, which could hit the headlines. When Sun becomes the lord of a year, the indications are; rulers have a peaceful time and the government does well. Saturn as Minister is a positive augury for the economically and socially backward classes. The Government will come up with programmes and schemes to support the downtrodden. As Lord of Clouds, Venus points to a year of copious rainfall. Fruit yielding trees give record yield while milk production reaches great heights. One can look forward to a year of bounty in terms of Fruits and Flowers.
Let me explain the difference between summer crops and winter crops before I venture to give my forecasts. The Kharif Crop (or summer crop) is sown at the beginning of July coinciding with the advent of south-west monsoon. The Major Kharif Crops are Paddy, Millets, Cotton, Soyabean, Sugarcane, Turmeric, Groundnut and Red Chillies.The Rabi Crop (or winter crop) is sown in October and harvested in March. The Rabi Crops in India include Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Sesame and Peas.
The Lord of Summer Crops (or Sasyadipathi) is Mars. The Summer Temperature will be quite high. Most Parts of North India will reel under a heat wave, thereby putting people to much hardship. In order to avoid casualties, it is essential that Government take some precautionary steps to save human lives. Further it is necessary to enforce traffic discipline as Mars can trigger road accidents, being the planet denoting haste and impulse. Due to the “Lord of Grains” (Dhanyadipathi) portfolio being handled by Sun, there will be a deflationary trend in the prices of Rabi Crops.
Venus as Commander of the Planetary Army in conjunction with an exalted Sun augurs well for the security of the Country’s borders. Certain pre-emptive strikes will be resorted to by the India Army to thwart plans of terrorist attacks. The Government will acquire sophisticated weapons, aircraft and submarines either by importing them or get it manufactured locally under the “Make in India” scheme. Ageing fighter craft will get replaced by sophisticated ones which are on par with the rest of the world. Since Lord of Juices (Rasadipathi) happens to be Jupiter, there will be a abundance of products such as Ghee, Honey, Oil and Juices. Overall health of people will be good. Abundance of rainfall is indicated. Prohibition will be introduced in many States and as a matter of Government policy owing to the aspect of Jupiter on Venus in the Solar System Chart. Neerasadipathi (Lord of Minerals and Metals) being Moon, traders in Pearls, Sandal, Camphor, Saffron and Textiles will make good profits.
According to Varahamihira, price of Gold is based on the position of planets with references to two signs which rule over Gold viz Mesha and Makara (Brihat Samhita, Chapter 41, Translated by N.C.Iyer). There are two important rules which have a bearing on Gold Prices.
1) Transit of Malefics over upachaya rasis from Mesha and Makara will produce a bullish trend.
2) Jupiter in a Trikona ,Kendra, 2, 11 from Mesha or Makara will produce a bearish trend.
Similarly, Mercury in 2,5,8,10,11 and Venus in 6 or 7 will produce a bearish trend. For most part of 2018 Jupiter is in Libra and throughout 2018 Saturn is in Sagittarius. This will trigger a deflationary trend in Gold Prices.
The 5th House, in general, rules over stock markets. The Presence of the 5th lord in 11, in conjunction with the 3rd lord Moon is indicative of a fundamentally bullish trend in the market. However, the fact that Mercury is debilitated and is also aspected by the 12th lord Mars placed in the 8th, shows that investors need to exercise caution and vigilance as there could be a sharp correction in the markets which could take the unwary investor on a bumpy ride. Certainly, this is not a year for trading in futures or options and this year’s stock market is not meant for the faint hearted.
The General conditions prevailing in the country as also the ruler’s chair as well as the confidence of the masses in their ruler is denoted by the First House. Here the lord of the Ascendant, Venus is relegated to the 12th, in conjunction with the 4th lord sun, who is exalted in Aries. The Central Government will take a balanced, conservative and defensive approach towards decision making. In most matters Status quo will prevail and as far as law and order is concerned, law will be allowed to take its own course.
The Lord of 2 in 11 in conjunction with the 3rd lord Moon is a good portent. The 2nd house aspected by the 11th lord Jupiter is indicative of a robust growth in GDP. Prosperity in any chart is assured if there is a nexus between houses 2 and 11. Here the lord of 2nd in 11 and lord of 11 aspecting 2 augurs well for the growth of Indian economy.
Retrieval of black money from Tax havens could occur through an Amnesty scheme rather than through punitive measures. The mood of the nation as also the sentiment and attitude of the masses could be felt through the 3rd house. Skirmishes on the border could occur due to the aspect of Mars on the 3rd. Overall the mood will be one of optimism and India’s Foreign policy will have as its main agenda, peaceful coexistence with its neighbours. Relationship between India and Bangladesh will be good and treaties for economic cooperation will get signed. The People’s movement in Balochistan will view favourably India’s designs of establishing peace and cooperation in the subcontinent.
More regions in India will be identified for introducing Hyper loop, High speed rails including bullet trains and other modes of quick transport. Medium and Small size cities will not only get connected on the air route but also be facilitated by the operation of sophisticated aircraft. Low cost airlines from abroad will start operating from India, which will boost tourism within and outside the country. All shrines in India will attract record crowds on festive occasions, thanks to the buoyancy of Indian economy and happy living conditions.
The Union Budget for the current year will be a liberal one focussing on relaxing of penalties and levies, liberalising the formalities for setting up and running of businesses and will in big way favour industries which are into exports. A Scheme for providing stable financial support to senior citizens will be announced. Senior Citizens will benefit from budget proposals. In this year’s union budget there will be specific schemes for providing Health Care and Medical Support to the masses. Floriculture will receive a fillip through government initiatives.
Mood of pro-incumbency will prevail in the country excepting in Chattisgarh and Karnataka. Methods such as IVF, IVI and advanced methods of reproductive treatment systems become possible in the country leading to lots of childless couples begetting pregnancy. Indian infertility specialists set recognition at the global level.
Indian cricket scales dizzy heights under Virat Kohli’s leadership. However, in a few closely contested matches, India will flatten to deceive, much to the disappointment of the cricket crazy connoisseurs of the India subcontinent.
Crude oil is denoted by the zodiacal sign pisces. Pressure of Saturn in Sagittarius in the 10th, an upachaya sign and Jupiter in the 8th will trigger a bullish run in petroleum prices throughout 2018 until Jupiter moves over to Libra in October. The Government of India will take a series of measures to reduce petrol consumption and to increase production of solar energy to ensure that the import bill of the nation gets reduced.
The 3rd lord moon in 11, shows heavy investment in telecom, roads, railways and airports. Sophisticated mobile phones matching International Standards will be manufactured in India under the “Make in India” Scheme. Passenger aircraft till now are manufactured only in countries like US, UK, France, Brazil and China. This year promises that India will make giant strides in Aviation Technology. Sophisticated planes will be manufactured and assembled in India, making aviation technology an indigenous one. Organisations like ISRO will bring name and fame to the country through successful launching and manoeuvring of rockets and satellites.
On the Medical front, there will be both good news and bad news. During the torrid summer, India is going to face in 2018, there will be outbreak of the following diseases: – Encephalitis, Measles, Chicken Pox and Bacterial Conjunctivitis. Further diabetes will start affecting Indians on a large scale as it were an epidemic. This is the bad news. The Good news is that advances in diagnostics and treatment will circumvent most of the complications, these diseases would lead to. Consequently, the average mortality rate will go down and the life expectancy rate will go up in 2018. In the Union budget, the government will come out with some kind of a social security scheme to ensure adequate medical insurance cover for the Middle-class Indian.
The 7th lord Mars in conjunction with Yogakaraka Saturn in the 8th offers mixed results. This can indicate the discovery of oil reserves, which will greatly help India reduce its oil imports. On the flip side, there will be a threat of escalation of war with immediate neighbours. The Social harmony of the country is jeopardised by the conjunction of two first rate malefics – Mars and Saturn in the eighth. Mostly couples will fail to address their differences in private and will go to family courts to settle their differences.
There will be eruption of Financial Scams, thanks to the two-planet malefic conjunction in the 8thaspecting the 2nd. The Presence of Mars in the 8th, leading to its conjunction with Saturn, who in turn aspects the 10th is a warning to the powers that be to have utmost security for the officials in power. There is a crying need to have top level security on a 24 X 7 basis. Not only is utmost vigilance required on part of the security forces guarding the persons in power, but also a need for the latter to go strictly by VIP protocol and to ensure that security regulations are followed in letter and spirit. The Planetary positions indicate the exit of a popular mass leader of the country between April and June 2018. Casualties through accidents, earthquakes, cyclones and terrorist attacks assume gargantuan proportions.
The lord of 9 in 8 in conjunction with Mars indicates frustration among the masses due to unemployment, retrenchment policies, job cuts, termination of labour forces due to cost cutting and layoffs due to shifting of business houses to overseas locations. This is a challenging year for HR professionals and consultants as public ire over staff policies research alarming proportions. Public sector undertakings face the heat on amount of labour arrest. Hartals, Lockouts, Strikes and Protests became the order of the day. To overcome these astrological indicators, a labour friendly policy needs to be put in place. Foreign aid and Foreign grants became scarce. Due to tightening of norms, many NGO’s and Charitable institutions get debarred from eligibility to receive foreign donations. Scandals and Malpractices affect institutions of higher learning. Government comes under criticism for hasty implementation of reforms. Due to public ire and non-receptive mood, most reforms get postponed or delayed.
Currency notes which had become scarce due to demonetisation stage a comeback in the form of notes having new denomination. The dream of a cashless economy or the birth of a digital economy era will not materialise in the
Vilambi year.
The Presence of an exalted sun in conjunction with a benefic Venus (as lagna lord) is a happy augury for the significations of twelfth house. Due to banking reforms and consolidations, the overall health of public sector banks will go up. The Bank Nifty will indicate a bullish trend. The NPA levels in key banks will show a declining trend.
In the Independence Chart of India, the Dasa now running is that of the moon with the subperiod of Jupiter operating from 03/08/2017 till 26/11/2018. The Bhukti of Yogakaraka Saturn will operate from 26/11/2018 till 18/06/2020 (its regards to the exact dates I have taken the 360-day year theory of Parasara instead of the 365.25 day year theory of Copernicus; so some charts could be showing the dates differently). The Moon as lord of 3 in the 3rd is placed in an excellent house in conjunction with the Yogakaraka Saturn and the trinal lord Mercury. So, India’s fortunes will continue to wax at least till the onset of Mars Dasa in July 2024. In General Moon dasa favours Tourism, Hospitality Industry, Media, Telecommunication, Space research and Information Technology. All these sectors will do well. The Status of women in India will show a favourable trend with concepts such as empowerment and women’s reservation being viewed by the government and the public in a favourable way. Women will hold several key positions both in the private sector as well as public sector. Indian women will win several awards and accolades in beauty contests, films and in sports like wrestling, badminton, cricket, tennis and hockey. Women’s cricket will become immensely popular in India and cricketing heroes of India in future will not be the likes of just Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli but also Mithali Raj and Harmanpreet Kaur.
India is particularly prone to earthquakes this year as the lord of 4 (denoting Bhoomi or Land) is relegated to the 12th with the Vilambi year chart adversely affected by the Bhoomi Karaka Mars in 8 afflicted by Saturn. The Government has to take necessary evaluation measures based on studies relating to earthquake vulnerability. The Regions adjoining Pakistan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and the North East become vulnerable to earthquakes especially in the period starting in the April,2018
According to Varahamihira, “When Saturn passes through the constulation Moola, people of Varanasi, Kosala and Panchala will suffer; there will be dearth of fruits and medicinal plants. Soldiers will suffer “(vide Brihat Samhita, Chapter 10, verse 13, Tr by N.C.Iyer) The nomenclature used here corresponds to an earlier era and I will clarify a couple of points here. Kosala is same as Ayodhya. During the reign of Lava and Kusa (Sons of Lord Rama), Kosala was divided into two: – Uttar Kosala and Dakshina Kosala. The Region covering Himalayas and Vindhyas is turned as Panchala. For a variety of reasons due to calamities, both natural and manmade, North India will undergo suffering; Varanasi and Ayodhya in particular will be at the receiving end of Saturn’s transit through Moola Star.
Transit of Staurn over PoorvaShada will affect the following regions, in particulars.
Vanga – Regions near the Ganga – Brahmaputra Delta
Kosala – Ayodhya
Magatha – Districts of Patna and Gaja in Bihar
Pundra – North Bengal
Tamralipti – Eastern parts of India
The Total Lunar Eclipse which occurs on the right of the Full Moon on July 27, 2018 will be visible in Western Africa, Central Asia, South America, Eastern Africa and Europe. This could trigger certain calamities in USA, Canada, Belgium, Italy and England. The Cities affected would be London, Melbourne, Versailles and San Francisco.
The Partial Solar Eclipse of July 13, 2018 could be visible in Antartica, Australia and New Zealand. This Eclipse would impact both Australia and New Zealand in an adverse way. The affected cities would be Toronto, Nottingham (UK) and Cologne.
For France, this is a year of unrest and hostilities. The Macron Government comes under lots of opposition from public. Labour unrest and protests will rock France. Overall there will be sluggish progress and uncertainty over the future.
For the purpose of mundane astrology, the birth of United Kingdom is taken as 15-28 hours on 7th December 1922 at Westminster, with Taurus as the rising sign.This will be a challenging year for the United Kingdom and its Prime Minister Theresa May. Owing to the presence of the ominous Mars – Saturn conjunction in the 8th, the Country becomes susceptible to natural calamities, terrorist attacks and manmade disasters.
With reference to the USA Independence chart the ongoing dasa is of Rahu in conjunction with the 7th and 10th lord Mercury, afflicted in the 8th. Rahu is a planet denoting upheavals, violence, wrong discussions, hasty and impulsive responses and belligerence. This will force the USA be in a mood of belligerence with reference to affairs in the Middle East leading to friction between the USA and the Arab world.
The US will sweep all the Nobel prizes with Mars as lord of 5, strongly placed is the ascendant, Jupiter aspecting 5 and Sun exalted in the 5th. A Host of inventions will come about revolutionising travel, medicine, energy generation and enabling us to understand the workings of the universe. Abstract sciences such as Quantum physics make giant strides. There will be a huge outlay on infrastructure projects. The Trump administration will be high on performance and less on rhetoric. The stock market in USA will see a bullish run, with stocks touching record high. The ongoing ties between North Korea and USA will deteriorate leading to a war like situation. The immigration policy of the Trump administration will lead to a sharp conflict between the locals and the immigrants. From 26/10/2017 onwards, USA is in Rahu Dasa and Saturn bhukti, which could create some kind of an unrest in the country. Moon in the natal chart of USA is in Aquarius with Rahu in 6, Saturn in 11 and Jupiter in 9, the transits can’t be better; overall this will bestow opulence, success and fortune in abundance to the USA. All in all, this is an excellent year for the USA and its allies.