USA World Watch

The United States of America is considered to be the world’s most powerful country, due to its economic, political and military prowess. Besides this it also houses some of the world’s most revered and top-ranking Educational Institutions and Universities. Despite being the most developed democratic country in the world and being a Champion of liberal democratic values and free-market economy, it has its share of problems too. In this write-up, let us briefly analyse what is in store for the USA, in terms of planetary transits and influences in 2020. More money will be pumped into the economy. Corporates will try to expand their business to unexplored territories and increase investments in economies,where stability exists. There will only be mediocre growth in businesses. The Country will be indifferent to the demands of its long-term friendly nations. Relationship with neighbours will not be smooth. Frequency of the border crisis with Mexico will increase. Disputes with Canada will get aggravated. Political dominance of the USA among Third world countries will begin to show a waning trend. The country will continue to keep its hold over all major world organisations. Inflow of foreign investments will be less. Trade talks with China will get into rough weather due to which Chinese imports will face sanctions and increased tariffs. Pakistan will be forced to crack down on terrorist havens. Tensions with North Korea will aggravate and there is a threat of military actions from both parties. Earthquakes tend to occur causing loss of lives. There will be Cyclones and hurricanes leading to disruption of Public services. Government will urge the people to undertake frugal measures and increase domestic savings. Expenditure on social security schemes will see a gradual reduction. The menace of Gun Violence will continue to haunt the public. The current political regime will face opposition from many sections of the society. In the course of the election campaign, the popular discontent will eventually reduce and nationalist emotions will take centre-stage.
Increasing debt, saturation in growth, declining rate of job creation, ageing population and ever-increasing social security expenditure are some of the plaguing issues in USA. Of late, the burgeoning Immigrant Population and rise in Gun Violence have gained prominence that these have become the most important poll planks for the ensuing Presidential elections in 2020.
The year of general elections is considered a crucial year in all democratic countries since it is the outcome of the election that determines the future of the country for the next term of the new government. The question uppermost in everyone’s mind is will Trump get re-elected?
Democrats will put up a very stiff fight but Donald Trump is set to win the Presidential Elections. However it will not be a cakewalk for the Republicans though Trump has an edge over his Democrat rivals.

China World Watch

China is the most populated country and the second biggest economy in the world and one of the largest countries by total area. Though Communism reigned supreme for several decades, China is marching ahead steadily in the path of a free-market capitalist economy since early 1980s.Let us explore China’s fortunes and troubles in 2020 based on Astrological trends. Year 2020 will be China’s worst year in the past decade. China’s global stature will get affected. The country will face humiliation in global meets from other member nations. Chinese interference in certain global issues will result in loss of face. Due to build-up of tensions with neighbours, a war-like situation may arise ,especially when Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct in Capricorn. Investments made by China in other countries will incur sizeable losses. Domestic economy will go through a stagnant phase. China’s growth story will no longer remain an accepted fact. China will face official and unofficial trade sanctions from other countries. Bad loans will increase and debt recovery will be a major challenge. Top communication technology corporates will face a slowdown and they will look out for diversification. Chinese investors will reach out to other favourable investment destinations. Border disputes with countries like India will start slipping out of the China’s hold. Hongkong- Mainland China conflicts will aggravate and the protests will gain sudden momentum. Air pollution in major cities of the country will cause public unrest. Metal extraction Industries will face closure due to excessive emission of pollutants. New regulatory norms will be introduced for industrial emissions. The trade war between USA and China will escalate and will result in a massive slowdown in Chinese exports to US.The vacuum created by China coupled with its internal issues with Hong Kong and border issues would result in a major shift of manufacturing facilities to other countries of which India would be the major beneficiary.Though China would support Pakistan on policy issues,the Sino-Pak ties would begin deteriorate in 2020. Chinese dominance in sports and international gaming events will continue, though to a lesser extent. In international events Chinese in Sports would lose out to Germany.The dominance of China in Sports show a waning trend while Europeans take the upper hand. As Saturn enters Capricorn it signifies the advent of Janma Shani over China’s Republic chart.The dasha lord Mercury ,being retrograde and combust and operating in tandem with the inimical duo of Sun and Ketu in a three-planet conjunction, shows that Chinese dominance over the world may remain on paper , more of a hype than as a naked truth.

North Korea World Watch

For North Korea, this is a year of turbulence ahead. Kim Jong-un will not undo the nuclear armament program undertaken. Most of the actions of the government, tend to undo the economical and industrial progress of the country. However the government would initiate a series of measures to have friendship and cooperation with neighboring countries as well as USA. But the increasing militarization and the nuclear program of Kim Jong-un could seriously undo any pact which brings about collaboration between Pyongyang and a foreign nation. Scams and financial irregularities will surface every now and then. Money intended for economic or social development would be diverted for military purposes. The survival of Kim Jong-un is at stake and this would be a very critical year for the continuity of the present government and the incumbent president of North Korea. There is a possibility of dissent emerging from within the corridors of power.Mood of belligerence would prevail in North Korea vis-à-vis both the foreign powers as well as the trouble makers within. Kim Jong-un would take further steps to consolidate his power by entering into strategic treaties with friendly nations eventhough this appears to be a difficult and long drawn out process. North Korea has to guard against infectious diseases spreading throughout the country.Ties with South Korea would not see any improvement.The country’s economy may not show much growth and wasteful expenditure on military and non-development purposes would affect economic growth prospects.
The silver lining would be the scientific and technological strides North Korea would be making in 2020. It would make giant strides in both software and hardware technology. The use of the internet, which currently is blocked by the government due to various reasons, will see a gradual phase of expansion. North Korea will gradually see the winds of globalization blowing into their country. However 2020 would be a turbulent year for North Korea in an economic and military sense. During 2020, a tropical cyclone would hit Pyongyang. North Korea would do well in sports this year, especially soccer. New superstars would emerge in soccer, making North Korea a strong team capable of defeating internationally strong soccer playing nations. Birth rate would increase thereby ensuring that population figure remains at optimum levels.
North Korea ,this year will suffer from both manmade and natural calamities and it would continue to remain isolated from the rest of the world.

SriLanka World Watch

SriLanka, known politically as Democratic Socialist Republic of SriLanka, is one of the world’s smallest countries in terms of geographical area and population. The Island nation, being rich in Natural heritage, attracts tourists from all over the world. The country will have to face several natural calamities this year. Cyclones will hit the Island one after the other. Very heavy thunderstorms will result in floods and inundation of many places in the central and North-western Provinces. Sea recession will be seen on the Dhanushkodi coast. Tsunamis are also likely. Fishermen will get good harvest, though the number of sea days would get reduced due to climatic conditions. Sri Lankan government will seek the help of India and other friendly nations to tackle the expanding terrorist network inside the country. In critical issues, Indian influence will prevail over Chinese influence. However, relationship with China will also be smooth. China will increase its direct investments in an attempt to increase its diplomatic clout. India will step up diplomatic ties with Sri Lanka apart from giving Infrastructural aid to SriLanka, specifically in the Northern and Eastern provinces. Burgeoning national debt will turn into an extremely serious issue due to heavy build-up of backlog Interests. However the current year will see some reduction in debt and the government will initiate a series of steps to curb wasteful expenditure.Political and economic reforms which have been pending for quite sometime will get carried out. New norms will be introduced for waste management. Government will simplify visa processes as a measure to promote tourism. Ties with Cambodia and other South East Asian nations will continue to be in good. Some of the SriLankan diaspora in developed nations will look forward to return to homeland and invest in businesses there. The imbroglio of cross-border fishermen shooting will be put to an end by India’s diplomatic dealings. SriLankan Tamil refugees in India will get rehabilitation back in their homeland.The island looks vulnerable to terrorist strikes and therefore it is very important for the government to take adequate security measures to protect the government officials. Internal security will be tight and therefore the country will be peaceful by and large.Foreign affairs will be taken care of well and Sri Lanka would sign a few treaties with friendly nations.This is a good year for Agriculture.Ovreall the nation is headed in the right direction and this year will be good for the overall growth and development of the country.